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Why is it....?


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firstly I know nothing of this woman I had to wiki her, now lets tear her apart...


"Flint was educated at Twickenham Girls School (the school transferred to Waldegrave School for Girls in 1977) in Clifden Road Twickenham and Richmond Tertiary College before earning her BA (Hons) in American Literature and History combined with Film Studies from the University of East Anglia. She joined the Labour Party when 17. She was the Women's Officer of the National Organisation of Labour Students for 1982-4."

so she's one of these "MEDIA STUDIES" BA...see it realy was a worthwile degree !!!


As Public Health minister she was responsible for managing government programmes concerning radiation exposure, the potential bird flu epidemic, sex education, and the prevention of communicable diseases such as TB and HIV, and oversaw campaigns to tackle obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. She was also due to take charge of the enforcement of the Labour government's ban on smoking in all public places, but was moved just a couple of days before it came into force.


so a history of tackling problems....that still exist, unchnaged... so to sum it up a history of ineffective failures.


In February 2007, it was announced that she would be Hazel Blears' campaign manager in Blears' campaign for the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party following John Prescott's resignation. Blears was did not win, finishing sixth in the Deputy Leadership election
more failure...


In the cabinet reshuffle of June 29, 2007 Caroline Flint moved to the Department for Work and Pensions
...enough siad *cough** disks **cough Cough** x million personal records lost....



and her the rewards for a media studies student with a history of failure and disater


Flint was promoted to Minister of State for Housing and Planning, and as a result will now attend cabinet.
maybe we should take her house away as she is proving to be as useful a contributer to this country as well... a chocolate fireguard !!!
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Originally posted by wolfie:

Originally posted by legion:

firstly I know nothing of this woman I had to wiki her, now lets tear her apart...


Sounds very much like the thoughts of a yob :roll:
shhh your lips move and all, and im sure you have a point...but its just noise...do you have anything to say on topic ?
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