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Help Needed Quick


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I need some quick help.


I've decided to make a cornish pie. I think I've got the pastry done right and in the fridge for twenty minuits.


Ingridients I am useing are:




Chopped onion


Chopped carrots


Mince meat.


Mixed herbs.




I couldn't get what it said in the recipe, so I got those instead.


Once I've chopped the veg, do I need to part boil them before I put them in the pastry and cover them up, before it goes in the oven?


I couldn't find a tape measure, so I will have to take a chance. And I don't understand the terminology used in cooking recipes.


I haven't done much cooking, so this will more or less be my first time. It's a surprise for the bride when she gets home tonight.

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The pastry isn't behaving as it should do.

When I try to roll it out, it sticks to the rolling pin and breaks up. It feels a bit sticky, so I'll nip out for some more flour to try and stiffen it up and dry it out a bit.


But there wo'nt be enough pastry for a half inch thick layer like it says to line the tin with in the instructions. I'll do with it what I can and see what happens.

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Hahaaaaaaa, it's begining to take shape and look good.


I got more flour and dusted the work surface and rolling pin as you said Cleo. It worked a treat. The bottom layer of pastry went in the greased tin, followed by the mincemeat and onions. A sprinkle of mixed herbs and salt and pepper, followed by a layer of thinly sliced carrots and mushrooms. Another sprinkling of herbs, salt and pepper followed by a layer of thinly sliced potatoe.


The whole lot was then topped off with a layer of pastry folded over and inwards at the edges. Finally I cut a steam hole out of the middle of the pastry ten pence piece sized.


I'll glaze the whole lot over with a beaten egg just before putting it in the oven.


Preperation time for me,,,,,,,,4 hours.


I'll put a photo up of the finished product later on.

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Now you tell me. :D


The ovens been on high for fifteen minuits (electric), and the pastry is already begining to go brown. :?

I've now turned the oven down to 180c and it has to bake for another one and a half hours. It's begining to smell good, but there's a long time to go yet. I'm getting the jitters now. :(


Al dente Pie sounds good to me. :D I'm gonna eat this if it chokes me.

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Basicly this was a cornish pasty only in a pie form.

My timing was perfect. As the bride walked through the door, she heard the ping of the oven timer turning its self off.


The veg were cooked great, thankfully I had sliced them thinly enough. And the bride had second helpings.



This is what the inside looked like.


I tryed to do a fancy presentation, but hey, one out of two isn't bad, it all goes down the neck. And we had a bit of fun along the way. :D




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Blummin' heck Wingy that actually looks pretty good and from you ealier posts about time left in the oven I expected photos of charloal or you with a fire extinguisher in your hand.


By the way... you have not yet relpied to Bill's offer of marriage (that really made me giggle). If you decline his offer will you marry me instead :D


PS I'm not scared of maggots and I'm really good at untangling fishing line :wink:

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Anyone who fancies a bit, that includes you too Bill, :wink: Pop In For A Quick One at the Rat & Trumpet tomorrow night. You too Diz. :wink:


As you say Camper, a ladle of gravy would have been nice.


Next Week:


I might have a go at Onion Bargees. I've seen how they fold them up on the telly, a bit like a hanky in your top pocket, and I fancy playing about with something spicy. The bride says , but they are'nt a meal. I told her, of course they are if you eat enough of them. :D:D

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Mmmm I bet your shirts will smell nice Wingy.. unless you are referring to your trouser pockets of course. No wonder you have strange creatures hanging about your bivvy at night :lol:


If you can fold an onion Bargee like an hanky I'd love to see a pic of that and even better I'd like to know how it feels when you blow your nose on it.


Actually isn't it spelt 'Bhaji' but then again my speeelling isn't that good and others have already commented on my low vocabulary score. :oops::lol:


What time are you all at the Rat and Trumpet 'till tomorrow? I may be a bit late as I'm going off on my travels so will you wait for me and save me some pie ?


Get me a few drinks in and I will soon catch up :wink:

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