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OK, keeping it rolling along (sounds like Butlins). Favorite all time singer. Gotta be Bobby Darrin, good as Sinatra, but with an easier range. I bet the young folk wonder who I'm talking about, "Bobby who'?

Visited London one time with my American wife, met up with some friends from liverpool who were staying at the London Butlin's. Took us to supper there including the show. Took me two weeks to explain the British idea of a vacation!!!!

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Must admit that I had to have a quick google for Bobby Darrin but as soon as I saw what songs he sang then I realised that they were the songs that I grew up with and still sing along to today.


In fact only monday whilst travelling back from the school run on the bus me and the brother were singing along to "mac the knife".


The problem I have is I like the songs but can never remember who sang them. (mind you I am getting that way that I have difficulty remembering what day it is) :oops::mrgreen:

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I honestly could not pick an all time favourite singer. There are so many to choose from. My problem is that I am a musician and I like most styles of music so it is an impossible choice to name just one singer, however, I think my ultimate list would include the following and no doubt many more:-


For Stallard I have to agree on Bobby Darin, Fair play, nice and easy listening.


Algy, Elkie Brooks, no doubt about it. I was also particularly fond of Kiki Dee she did some amazing stuff as long as you ignore the Elton John collabaration.


Andrea Bocelli. Superb, what more can I say. (In my opinion he makes Pavarotti look like a beginner.)


Freddy Mercury. Again superb and what a showman.


Jon Anderson. Ignore the lyrics (they don't mean anything) just listen to the colour of his voice.


paolo nutini. What an amazing voice this guy has. Just search for 10/10 and enjoy.


I could probably go on indefinitely but the list is far too long.

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