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New lingo?


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Gosh that's an old one Obs... surely you have heard that one before.


One that really annoys me is when people say they are 'going to touch base' or 'want to touch base' with me or someone else. I don't play rounders or baseball so why do they say it? Is that a new one or just one that I am not used to either :blink:

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Doesn't really mean anything, but you never know when you might need it, and it comes in handy if you are stuck for words, and fits any situation...........Sutch my pratch.


People of a certain age who buy useless get well quick remedies and presents from Blackpool because they are cheap, and they think they are getting a bargain, (usually Mams and Mother in laws)


S--t magnets.

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it means that the person has either said something or done something they should not have and acknowledge it but in a way that they are not really sincere about feeling bad about it. so "No worries eh".


"In the zone" is one that gets my goat, why not just say he/she/it is performing at his/her/it's best.

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