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Check your French Car?


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All right Obs, keep your hair on, I was only asking. You DO have hair haven't you? :lol::lol::lol:

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Oooh dear :oops::oops:


I'm so glad you posted that Inky as I pondered for ages thinking Obs was an idiot. "Isn't that how all cars work.... How else would you press your brake if you weren't in the front...blummin heck Obs another half story that we have to decipher ???? '


Ahhhhh now I've come back on I realise the word 'PASSENGER' was a big hint... I get it now... maybe I shouldn't drive :lol: I take all my thoughts back Obs :wink:

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I do that when I am a passenger in my other halfs car too. Maybe it's not such a bad idea to have a brake pedal on the passengers side after all (and the drivers side I may add).


In my dad's case though an accelerater pedal on both sides may be a useful addition :wink:

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:lol::lol: Your car sounds rather 'impressive' Evils :wink:


Victor maybe you should use your bus pass or reconsider selling your unused boat..... max 4mph on the Bridgewater canal I believe :wink:


Word on the street says that the 20's Plenty lot are now in serious talks with WBC and all other councils as a matter of urgency.


The latest advisory plan will be a very costly excercise (far costlier that the 20mph one) as it will cover a total area and new signs on every single road.


They have my FULL BACKING :D



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Is it a 'guess the oldie' quiz.


Errm maybe Victor Meldrew in his younger smilie years :?


It looks looks like two faces cloned into one one as the bridge of the nose is odd, like it has been flattened at some point.


So is that a local sign or one which is being used nationally to alert the public to the dangers of old, balding, grey haired men on the roads Baz. :D


Victor.. you are pretty safe on two counts if Baz's sign get implemented :wink:

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Well all I know is that it's not me :lol:


... is it PJ :? I don't think so as he seems much younger than that in his posts


... can't be Obs as he's smiling


... how about the Lt ?


Maybe you are right though Peter and it's something to do with poo and balls :D

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perhaps the clue is plenty enough for you to guess? :D


Ahh I think I know now. Flippin' heck how slow was I :oops:


At least I was on the right track with the poo and balls bit then :lol:


PS .. PJ you are welcome, so how old are you really then :lol:


PPS.. 'other person' I'm sorry, just a bit of fun so please don't take out an injunction on me or anything and your nose is not that bad :lol:


PPS Victor you don't get an appology or a nice comment :P

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