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Birth Of An Apple


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I have uploaded this for "Victor"


... he has called his photo "Birth of an Apple"


and he says 'you can see just how hairy baby apples really are if you zoom in' ... indeed you can Victor and very clear even on mega screen zoom :D



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Yes please Victor as it would be great to see them 'growing up' and yes names would make it even more special to see :D


Just make sure you don't include pictures of you eating them when they are all growdid up and ready to leave their 'nest' :cry::lol:

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Option is greyed out when I try in IE.


Just reminded me though I forgot to upload Victor's other pictures of them 'growing up' for him.


Sorry Victor... if you email them to me again I'll put them on for you this time :oops:

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On the 11 May 2011 Victor sent me an update picture of his apples growing up as he had no way of uploading them onto here.


I forgot and they were still sitting in my inbox.


Sorry Victor but better late than never.


So here are the toddlers on 11 May aged 1 month (taken from a different angle)




Is it too late to ask for another update Victor or have you now eaten little Bob, Crumble, Tart and Strudel :shock:

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Thanks for sending me the update pics Victor..

(you could have uploaded them yourself now though but why have a dog and bark yourslef eh :lol::wink: )


So here are Victors apples as at 26 June 2011 aged 2 1/2 months




So what happened to the other two... I hope the wood pigeons didn't eat them :shock:

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Awww Victor... you know I am rather sensitive this week. Those poor little defenceless babies :shock::cry:

You should be publicly named and shamed and placed in the stocks so we can

throw rotten apples at you :angry:


This may make you think twice in future......




or maybe it will give you nightmares.... they are watching you as you sleep

you know, and also when you are in your garden. Be nice or be warned





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