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Visiting Warrington - then google it!!!


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This was the advice given to a businessman trying to plan his visit to our town via the council contact centre/tourist information service!

Is this the level of service we can now expect from Warrington Borough Council?

The businessman was somewhat gobsmacked by the council response and raised it as as issue with us.

When contacted the council have defended their response, saying it is the most cost-effective advice.

Seems a great way of encouraging people to come to Warrington to do business - don't you think?

Eventually (after our intervention) the businessman did receive a more human response recommending a couple of town centre restaurants.

However it was too little too late - another lost business opportunity for Warrington.

He has taken his business elsewhere!

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You've completely lost me there Evils :?:lol:


Gary you are right and that is not good but then presumably most people going anywhere would google first anyway. Was he only looking for a restaurant :?


Looking for somewhere to eat and stay and recommended/approved by the local tourism board.

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If Warrington council say that too tell a business man to look up Warrington on google rather than spending few minutes to talk to them and extolling the virtues and advantages of the town and justify it by saying it is more cost effective, then surely by getting us to empty our own bins must be even more cost effective than employing several people to drag them to the end of the street, empty them and return them.


In fact reading back over my post I realise that if they just had a driver who was trained in working the hoist on the bin wagons they could cut costs even more. :twisted::twisted:

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Googling has almost become a way of life though for many people, myself included and I'll openly admit that I rarley go a day without Googeling something or other.


Just how relianat some are on Google though was demonstrated to me recently while talking to someone on a technical helpline. I'd asked a question and could hear frantic typing in the background which I assumed was the problem being reported. Amazingly the guy admitted he didn't understand some of the technical terms but rather than pass me on to someone else he was trying to Google the words he didn't understand.


Perhaps we should do away with all this eduacation malarky and just teach the kids how to Google!


Bill :)

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