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We are all in it together


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Thought it might be interesting if posters put examples of how 'We are all in it together or Not'


Saw a report this morning stating that beside the cut in Police numbers, ALL Police officers are to have their bonuses stopped amounting to a saving of ?180m.


While the bankers still get their bonuses amounting to ?7billion.


Are the cuts in Police pay justified or not and are the payments to bankers justified or not, and are we ALL in it together.

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Exactly Robbo and to support your view.


Are we really "all in this together"? The Department for Education, for example, has cancelled the building of 400 playgrounds. But how will that affect, say, the Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin , who has his own tennis court at his home in Somerset? The Department for Culture has scrapped free swimming for children and pensioners, describing it as a "luxury". Why should that concern the Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond , who has a swimming pool at his mansion in Surrey? The Department for Transport is relaxing the cap on rail fares, which is expected to lead to fare increases of 10 per cent a year for the next four years. But how will that bother the Chancellor, George Osborne , who once claimed ?440 from the taxpayer for a chauffeur-driven car to take him from his Cheshire constituency to London?
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Wolfie.... it won't affect the former leader of the Liebour Party; Mr Bliar either.... forecasts indicate he will be worth in excess of ?45 million by this time next year and be worth far in excess of most of the Tories in Government.


The only difference is that he has made his money on the backs of every Labour voter who ever ticked the box at an election.... and is now laughing at the broken country he helped to create

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From what I have read, the overtime payment system for the police, plus other working practises including being able to have a second job in some cases, seems to have developed over the years to become a very good earner for some. No wonder they don't want to change the system!


Along with the firemen, there has been a corruption of the original intention of the system, so this is what should be addressed to enable them to be paid a fair salary for a fair day's work with any necessary overtime being in the control of those who have to organise the working shifts.

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Police officers can only do other work if approved by their superiors.

and officers must be available for duty when required,


The Tories are rightly or wrongly trying to prevent Police Officers from having second jobs.


These are the same Tories, the majority of whom also have second jobs. :roll::roll:

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Not to mention the money from the adverts he's making. This is the man who said he would never accept a seat in the Lords. :roll::roll::roll: '>


Not to mention the money from the adverts he's making. This is the man who said he would never accept a seat in the Lords. :roll::roll::roll:

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This reply in the comments under the article in Asperitys link sums things up nicely.....


"John Prescott is the a typical Labour type, spends years knocking the other side whilst he is living the life of the other side!!!! He would be surprised at the number of people at the bottom of the ladder who have supported the other side their whole lives. My father was a mechanic,my mother a secretary , they believed in conservative policies and always voted for them. Their family likewise worked for the conservative cause. Freedom of speech, freedom to work and to be able to go forward if you wanted, Labour seems inspired to keep people at the bottom of the heap ,for years bogged down by the unions. of course they had some good ideas but stifled peoples ambitions. wtih rules and regulations."

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wolfie.... they are all as bad as each other:


"Diane Abbott has trousered a lot of money for presenting that cackfest This Week:

October 2009, received ?2517. Hours: 12 hrs. (Registered 27 January 2010)

November 2009, received ?3356. Hours: 12 hrs. (Registered 27 January 2010)

December 2009, received ?1678. Hours: 6 hrs. (Registered 27 January 2010)

January 2010, received ?2517. Hours: 9 hrs. (Registered 27 January 2010)

February 2010, received ?3,356. Hours: 12 hrs. (Registered 24 February 2010)

March 2010, received ?4,195. Hours: 15 hrs. (Registered 24 March 2010)

April 2010, received ?3,356. Hours: 12 hours (Registered 3 June 2010)

May 2010, received ?1,687 Hours: 6 hours. (Registered 3 June 2010)

June 2010, received ?839. Hours: 3 hrs. (Registered 13 July 2010)

This is her funniest:

May 2010, fee of ?1,000 for taking part in BBC Television programme ?Cash in the Attic?.

Cash in the Attic? Not any more there isn?t, Abbott?s spent it all?"Just like her government spent all the countrys money!!

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Interesting post Primedus - v/good idea in theory, but I can see some practical problems with implimentation. First, none of the main Parties have the gonads to carry it out, and, like this thread, folk would be arguing along Tory V Labour lines, rather than Rich V Poor. So any Party that came along with such a policy would be slagged off by the press as "commies" and Joe Public would fall back into their usual ovine behaviour, after all, this isn't Egypt! IF, and it's a big IF, we ever got politicians prepared to adopt such a tax policy, by the time legislation was in place, the rich and their money would have emmigrated. :roll:

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