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Where's Indy ?


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Ok so where has Indy disappeared to... anyone seen or heard from him lately :shock:


Has he been out digging for treasures and got lost in the snow and we've not realised :shock:


Or did he get a huge pay out from his treasure trove find and he's done a runner to a far off exotic land and left us mere mortals and pawpers behind.


Maybe he's not allowed on here anymore... or even worse maybe he's been abducted or devoured by a life force embedded deep inside what appeared to be a carved stone of an ancient sacrificed being.. which was sill alive :shock:


Indy... come back :D:wink:

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well i thought that until i realised it was vacuum cleaners they were demonstrating and not metal detectors. :oops:


i then checked around the changing rooms thinking he might be hanging around there but only managed to spot young wingnut looking for some new elastic for his catapult :shock:



aagh!! there he is in the middle. oh wait, no that is just obs in his flat hat and brown coat, off to deliver few plain brown envelopes 8)


my brain hurts now will ave to have another look later when it has cooled down a bit :(

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