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Can anyone recommend a good digital camera.I need to find my own xmas present (cool :D )


Had a look on review sites but not getting anywhere as some reviews say good some say not so godd so I've given up. The two I'm being drawn to (for no particular reason) are the


Fujifilm Finepix S1900

18x zoom range

12 megapixel resolution


and the


Canon PowerShot SX130 IS Digital Camera

Product code : 5157738Add to Wishlist

12x Optical Zoom

12.1 Megapixels


this one also has

Smile Mode ? which fires the shutter when someone smiles smiles

Face Self Timer ? timer goes off when a face enters the frame :? Wink Self Timer ? detects when you wink and fires the shutter after 2 seconds :shock:


All I want is one that takes really good pictures outdoors AND indoors and has a really good zoom which doesnlt affect the picture quality too much. My current camera sometimes lets me down on indoor pictures and zoom/macro photos :cry:


Has anyone got a camera they would highly recommend ? Needs to be around the ?150 price range.


Or would I be better putting some ?'s towards it and getting a slightly dearer one :?


Thanks :D

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For what it's worth. When I was looking for a digi camera (still am), a friend who is in the print business told me that, unless you want to do poster sized prints, a camera with 6 megapics would be plenty. And he doesn't rate Canon as highly as other cameras in the same price range. Other camera makes offer more for your money. Pity really as I wanted a canon in the same price range as you. Now I'm flumoxed again.

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It's blummin hard isn't it :?:cry:


I thought Cannon were supposed to be really good so that's that one crossed off then.... any idea what Panasonic are like or can you remember which make he rated as being higher.


Think I'd like one with 12+ megap's though as I occasionally like to have things printed off a bit bigger and I do tend to 'cut' a bit of a photo then enlarge it.


Ooooh dilema eh :?

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It is hard, especially when you know nothing about cameras. I think I'll stay with the canon, unless somebody can point us in the right direction.


My mate didn't say which particular camera was better. Just that other cameras in the "same price range" offered more options and things to figgle with.

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I bought a Fuji HS10 earlier this year.


Maybe a bit out of your price range at around ?230 but it's an awesome camera for the price. 10 megapixels, 30x optical zoom, decent flash, takes AA batteries rather than charging from the mains (which is handy if you're abroad where the voltage is different, or if it dies when you're out and about).


We took it on safari to Kenya and got some fantastic pics with it.

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Thanks Inky :D


I'll have a look for that one.

Can I ask though.... when you switch it off does the lens/zoomy bit fully retract and close...or does it stay stuck out and you have to put a lense cover on it?


Thanks Peter aswell.. :D


My uncles just bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ38 and it looked good quite good although I only saw it briefly.


However, that lead me to the question above as it was rather bulky(although not that bad really) and you had to take the lense cover off and replace it all the time.


I'd loose it or forget and probably scratch the lense :oops:

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I think it's a choice between a normal digi, or an upmarket one that takes better pictures.

I've got a Fuji Finepix S1000 that I take the pictures for the magazine, but I want one with a decent zoom lens. The Fuji is 12x and 10.0 mega pixels.

My friend bought a zoom as an accessory for her Panasonic.

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When you say 12x zoom and 10 mega pixels is that YOUR Fuji Finespix S1000 or a different Fuji ?


Don;t forget to find out what your friends Pnansonic is although if she could put a different zoom lens on it then does that mean it's one of those posh mega expensive SLR's or can you do that with the cheaper cameras too.


Question... Inky you might know this as yours has a 30x zoom


..... with better zoom if you use full (or near full) zoom do you need to use a tripod or do the pictures still come out very clear. My current camera seems to go a bit fuzzy when zoom is on full and it only has a smallish zoom range.


Oooh so many questions but I don't know anything about camera of their various functions ... sorry :oops:

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Can anyone recommend a good digital camera.I need to find my own xmas present (cool :D )


Dizzy, you can't go wrong with a camera from the Panasonic Lumix range, they have one of the best lenses in the world 'Leica' on any camera that is the most important thing to have in my opinion.


Also high opitical resolution is better than digital resolution. It is very easy to use, has automatic mode, so you can just point and shoot and take video, plus it has a lot of fancy other stuff' if you prefer a professional photograher touch.


Tesco's have a Lumix's in stock which is around half price, also try in town iin the camera shops, sometimes you get free accessories thrown in.

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Thanks again everyone.... I'll check out the Lumix ones now too SD. Tesco online here I come.


Went in one of the camera shops in town on Saturday that begins with a 'W' and the bloke was about as helpfull as a paper fireguard. Not going in there again, infact there was no-one else in there either, wonder why :roll::evil:

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both my digital cameras are fuji ones.


the compact one has i think 2mp and the slr one is 6mp (with four settings high fine normal and basic)down to vga. with a 6x optical zoom.


the slr one is good but i have yet to sort out how to get the best from it being an occasional photographer and this thing has all sorts of buttons and settings plus a manual that would take a few weeks careful study.


on max zoom it can be a bit tricky getting rid of camera shake so i do tend to use a tripod for that having a large tripod for left over from my video camera and i have also invested in one of those table top tripods.(handy for using the self timer and also if you have a handy wall to rest it on). if you do not fancy lugging a tripod about you could look at getting a monopod to help you steady the camera.


just a quick thought have you had look on the jessop website to see what info you can get on there?

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Just been looking on their website.. but again so many different ones with different specs that it hard to know which one. Might pop into their shop tomorrow as just been told they are very helpfull :D


I used to have a fuji finepix and that was really good although mine was only a low spec compared to todays cameras.


I currently have a Sony Cybershot DSC S80. 4.1 megapixels and 'carl' zoom (whatever that means. Think the zoom is only 3x though.


Really good camera, easy to use and takes some great pictures but I want a bigger zoom as and more megap's for when I crop and enlarge bits of photos.


Maybe I need some new hands too as I often get 'camera shake' blur especially on zoom settings and indoors :oops::lol:

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Panasonic Lumix FS4 Digital Camera - Black (8.1MP, 4x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD






Dizzy, which ever camera you decide to get, make sure you get the best SD Card you can afford and anything at least over 4gb should be ok, maybe someone can suggest the best SD Cards.


These camera's like most these days have anti-blur and anti-shake features and too many to mention, you can't go wrong with a Panasonic Lumix/Sony any of them start from as little as ?90, if you go into Tesco in Warrington, they have them there, also you can get the full spec fromthe Panasonic website.


Hope I have been of help.


Also as mentioned try Jessops, link below.



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Hiya thankd for that SD.


I overlooked the tesco one :oops: Think the image threw me as I thhought the Lumix were the bulkier ones :oops:


The spec for the one in the link isn't a lot different to the one I already have so no good for me really but a really good price for anyone who's not got one eh.


Thanks for the other link too .... I seem to be creeping up in price as just spotted the Lumix DMC-FZ45.


Maybe a bit bulky to shove in my coat pocket though but hard to tell from a photo and the other half might freak a little at the price.


Do you think I'd get away with asking for a new coat too.. :lol:

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I agree..... having spent what seems like forever looking at cameras on line today I noticed that too.... bag and decent memory card optional extra :roll:


At one time you used to able to wheel and deal a bit with the sales bods in the shops to get something thrown in but their hands seem to be 'tied' these days. I'm still going to try though :wink:


Another thing I just found annoying was that certain shops are offerer discounted proces on their accessories when bought with a camera BUT ONLY ON-LINE... it says same deals are NOT available in their walk in stores.


Surely that's discouraging people from shopping 'normally' and locally :?


Anyway...... I've whittled it down to a possible 10 cameras now by the way thanks to all the advice on here and the wonderful 'Which' review and comparrison site :D

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Down to 4 now based on my specific criteria, price range and 'which' tests/reviews.... oh and also features and camera specs


Theres still a lumix in there for comparison... infact there were quite a few lumix ones that scored highly just as you said but they only take 'custom rechargable batteries' which is no good for me :cry::D


Also some, whilst hading 720p HD video recording didnt allow zoom to be used in video mode.. that could be a bit frustrating I suppose.


So bit by bit I have compared them and whittled them away one by one leaving me with these.....




(the scores and rating will not be available to see via the link though as I'm not logged in now)

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Have a look at the Lumix DMC-TZ7 it's a great little compact with a great lens. It does have it's own dedicated rechargable battery but as it is possible to shoot approx 300 shots this is not a problem plus it charges up quickly.

Best price I have seen is ?161.95 on Amazon,


It has a new compact 12x zoom image-stabilised Leica lens with a maximum aperture of f/3.3-f/4.9 and a focal length range equivalent to 25-300mm, an impressively sharp 3.0-inch 460,000 dot wide-view LCD monitor, a dual-processor Venus Engine HD, and most significantly is has 1280 x 720 pixel HD video recording with stereo sound and full optical zoom capability. It uses the advanced AVCHD Lite recording system, a video encoding format designed for solid-state camcorders.

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Oooh Algy you nasty man you've thrown my 'decision' again now :shock::P I'll have to have a look at that one now.


When you say the battery cahrges up quickly how long does it take for a full charge from flat..... and also can you charge it up mid use (ie when its not flat but say half charged) without causing any reduction in overall battery life or damage to the battery.


I know with old rechargable batteries for cmaeras, camcorders and phones if you recharged when not almost flat it reduced the holding capacity of the charge... or so it said in the booklet anyway).


Thanks for your help... off to 'compare' again now :?:lol::wink:

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