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Record Shops

Sue Durnim

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How many shops/places in Warrington can you remember that sold records?


1. Woolworths

2. Boots

3. Dawsons

4. Warrington Market

5. HMV ? Golden Square

6. Virgin ? Golden Square

7. Andy?s Record Shop ? Golden Square


There are some that I can?t remember their names but knew where they were situated.


8. Rylands Street next to/above a sports shop

9. In or next to Hancock & Woods


I am sure they must be more :?:

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I remember that stall too.... first time I went I didn't realise about needing the adaptor and I was really miffed when I got home and couldn't play them.


Cant remember any other record shops other than all the ones that have already been mentioned.


Not the same now with CD's though as I used to love buying the coloured vinyl editions and picture discs of my favourite bands.


Used to have them them all hung up on my bedroom wall in clear plastic sleeves and admire them daily (as well as litening to them of course).


Still got them all somewhere so might hang them up again just to annoy my son and other half :lol:

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I think Warrington Electric in Bridge Street sold records for a while. And there was a little shop that sold second hand records in Orford Lane.

Have you noticed that even HMV hardly sell any now. They are almost completely films on DVD and computer games.

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Nice one Long John..... I forgot all about Rumbelows even though my dad used to work for them :oops: (not in the record shop though)


Hot Waxx was really good.


Read a while ago that vinyle records were supposed to be making a comeback but cant see it happening really.


Shame..... but with all the youngters downloading their music these days it probably wont be long until cd's start to disapear too :shock:

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