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  1. The main problem of the Birchwood Way pinch points are the fact that there are only two exits form the entire Birchwood area, and these both feed onto the A574. As the Birchwood area continues to develop, the amount of traffic trying to use these two exits will only increase. The current traffic chaos will not only discourage further development in the Birchwood area, but may also drive away existing jobs. When the development of Birchwood was first started the planners believed that the need for personnel transport would be reducing and they did not allow for the today’s levels of traffic.
  2. Great to see some familiar faces returning for the start of campaign for next season.
  3. Could not agree more inky pete, and I actually live in Longbarn. Harpers Road is only a problem between 07:30 and 9:30 in the morning, when it can be difficult to get out of any of the turnings, and you do rely on a certain amount of "Christian" motoring to be allowed to join the queue. It can be frustrating sitting in the Harpers Road traffic jam, but it is no worse than on many other roads all over Warrington during the so called rush hour. What the whole of Warrington actually needs is joined up thinking about traffic management and transport within town, not just expensive the tinkerin
  4. The problem isn’t that the Home Office workers are parking in front of peoples houses, it is the fact that they are parking on a twisty residential road, on a blind bend making it extremely difficult, and dangerous, to enter or leave Burnett Close and Sage Close during the working day. They also try to be “helpful”” by parking with two wheels on the pavement making pedestrian access difficult. When the office block was first planned, local Longbarn residents pointed out there was not going to be enough parking allocated for its size, and were assured that there would be no problem as a rob
  5. Missed the announcement that the game was off and travelled to Curzon. Pitch looked perfect with no sign of any standing water on the surface - who called the game off ? Rearranged match will probably be on a Monday night, Curzon must be hoping for a weakened Warrington team and few away supporters.
  6. Being a "long term" fan of the club I cannot be more pleased with the position we are in at the moment. Its great to be looking at the top of the table rather than worrying about the bottom. Some of the games have not been easy watching this season, but the team has only lost 4 matches all season, only being defeated by two clubs who are going to be challenging for the title/playoffs at the end of the season. What football fan at this level would not be happy if his team only lost 4 matches in 21?
  7. Went home gutted last night. Town were playing the best football we have seen for a long time. I blame a Chinese betting syndicate or a Curzon fan p***ing in the fuse board.
  8. Uncle Fred and Auntie Mable, fainted at the breakfast table. This is a solemn warning Not to do it in the morning ! Anon Just a little ditty remembered from my youth.
  9. Best wishes to Ben Wharton for a speedy recover. He showed great bravery staying on the field after his injury, and he will be greatly missed up front for Town The remaining strikers will need to step up to the mark to cover his absence. Thought that bringing Newby, Mooney and Gaghan on in the second half yesterday, made a great deal of difference to the attack, their forward runs joining the attack from mid-field gave the Ossett defence more to think about and also the emphasis changed from the long ball to a more passing game.
  10. Cashed in some "Brownie Points" and raided the piggy bank and will be travelling to Ossett with Burgerman on Saturday. Let’s hope Town carry their league form into the FA cup and make progress towards Wembley.
  11. Glad you enjoyed your visit and an excellent blog by the way, a very enjoyable read.
  12. Thank you all for your best wishes. and yes Gary I can remember my login - you are thinking of someone else of our acquaintance. Peter, I was glad it was a league match and there was no extra time, I was wet right through to my skin.
  13. Thought it was a much better performance all round. The team showed a desire to play for the shirt, something that was lacking in the last two games. Formation had a better structure and the players seemed to know what was going on. One minor criticism, too many high balls hit up to Ash Ruane, should have been played on the floor into the channels for him to use his pace. But you can’t argue with the result.
  14. Having reflected a little more on the game I am now of the opinion that it has wider significance than just being knocked out of a cup competition. At the beginning of the season we were told that one of the main aims for the club off the field this season was to get more people through the turnstiles and boost matchday attendance. After last nights inept and gutless performance we have to remember that Runcorn Towns ground is within a few miles of Warrington, and any floating football fans will look at last nights result, and the manner of the defeat, and will think I want to watch a wi
  15. Just got back from watching the current Warrington Town team embarrassed by a Runcorn side which was essentially made up of ex-warrington players who were deemed to be too old or not good enough to wear the yellow shirt. Runcorn played Warrington off the park, with swift accurate passing football and speedy strikers. Warrington were just hopeless at everything apart from taking the ball out of the back of the net. If this current side are to get anywhere near the playoffs this season, there is going to have to be a major change in attitude. I think they are believing their own hype.
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