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Warrington or elsewhere ?


Where do you do most of your xmas shopping  

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  1. 1. Where do you do most of your xmas shopping

    • Warrington
    • Manchester
    • Trafford Centre
    • Liverpool
    • Widnes
    • On-Line
    • Other

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That time of the year again when the shops are usually packed with zombie like people .......


Braved going into town and the Golden Square yesterday afternoon and is was dead.... sooooo quiet it was rather nice actually :D


So where do you do most of your shopping at this time of the year?


Warrington, Manchester, Trafford Centre, Liverpool, On-line, Widnes....... or other? (Poll above)


When I say YOU (for those of you who let your wives or partners do it all you can answer for them if indeed you know. :roll: )

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You missed out Northwich also Diz. Years ago this used to be regarded as second to Warrington but I know many people from South Warrington who do all their weekly shopping there and never go to Warrington now. A very pleasant little country town to visit, can have a leisurely walk up and down the main street without being accosted by drunken yobs. Never noticed any thugs in the pubs either. Plenty of cafes and free, easy and convenient parking.


Specifically for Christmas....I like Chester or Altrincham.

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That's 3 more I missed... sorry. You'll have to tick 'other'.


Never shopped in Northwich and not been to Altrincham for years. Might have a trip out this week :wink:


I braved Warrington again yesterday. Went to the car but there was a small queue and being impatient I couldn't be bothered to wait :oops: I drove back and parked at Morrisons and hopped on the FREE park and ride ride bus to the bus station.


Gosh it was so much easier going by bus and it didn't cost me a penny.... :D


Still didn't manage to find any unusual or nice xmas pressies though.... far more range on the web :cry:

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What about those of us who shop in several places and online? :evil:


I had an option for that at first and also an option for 'Warrington and online' etc but the choice list was getting a bit long so I removed them.


If you've not voted yet I can add it again now though just to confuse matters :wink: Let me know :D

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Well, if the Local Council should be pursueing a "local purchase" policy (according to our MP); then perhaps we all should?! :?


Be interesting to know how many of the 'local council' and 'MP' actually shop in Warrington themselves ......... good to see them promoting a Cheshire Oaks trip on the Council site the other week ... very 'local purchase' orientated heh ??

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May be an idea to stay away from on-line shopping for a while.....


Some stores like Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys etc are all withdrawing their 'direct' online orders due the the Arctic conditions that are about to hit us :shock:


Grocery orders are ok but nothing else :? Guess we could all wrap sprouts and cheese up as presents for the kids and others :lol:

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I did that last year as did many others. No parking fines for sledges either :wink::lol:


Back to shopping preferences though....


I was in Warrington shopping today and it was really quiet again. Parked on cockchedge around 11am with no problem at all.


Spent 5 hours wandering the shops and they were all quiet and no queues spotted anywhere.


Even Argos was dead... straight to the till.. straight to the collection point.. and out in less than 10 minutes.


Really hard to believe that it is only 10 days off xmas.. either everyone is skint, shopping online or going elsewhere :shock:


5 hours and only 3 presents bought though (and one of those was for me) probably says it all really...... :?

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5 hours and only 3 presents bought though (and one of those was for me) probably says it all really...... :?


and how much did the parking cost and what percentage was that of your overall shop?


Could you have bought the same stuff in Widnes?


If the answer is yes, you have wasted your money!!

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I have no idea why it took 5 us hours... other than we just seemed to wander round and round slowly and aimlessley as we had no idea what we were really looking for and the shops were boring....


The festive spirit, excitement and pleasure of buying for others seems to have missed us this year :lol:


Baz.... we parked on Cockhedge :wink:

just under 5 hours minus the asda 2 hours free 'stamped' ticket so it cost us ?3.00 :wink:


Think if you go iver 5 hours and have no adsa ticket it's something like ?12 to park but could be wrong.


I personally spent around ?500 so % wise thats not bad.


And yes could have got it all in Widnes... infact I could have probably got it all from Argos and had it delivered or 'reserved and collected' had I known what it was that I would finally be buying :lol::oops:

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