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  1. Hi Sparky, didn`t even realise you could check your venue history. Just found it under settings and checked the last venues that I checked into and they show time of exit at 23.59 like yours so I suspect yes, you must also have to check out on departure from the venue. Fortunately I`ve never been pinged as a close contact.
  2. Especially when centre court has the roof closed🙂
  3. Ian

    Netflix ?

    I`ve just started watching the Designated Survivor, good if you enjoy a good conspiracy mixed in with American politics.
  4. Scanning constantly and tells me Warrington is a High Risk risk level.
  5. Yes, I`ve downloaded the App, but not needed to use it yet as not been anywhere.
  6. Perhaps the people should bring a case against Parliament for failing to deliver the referendum result from 3 years ago and activating Article 50. The political system of the UK is proven to be an absolute joke in the eyes of Europe.
  7. The people have chosen to leave the EU in a democratic vote and it is now up to the Government of the day to fulfill the peoples wishes irrespective of political persuasion. The only way that May was ever going to achieve the best deal possible for the UK was with the support of all the political parties irrespective of Political Policies and their own opinions on `Brexit or Remain`. As soon as the knives were out within the government an across other political parties we gave the EU the upper hand in any future negotiations. The only persons responsible for this mess now are the ones who didn`t support the Prime Minister and show a united front for the UK as a whole in fulfilling the wishes of the majority vote.
  8. And here was me looking out for your Corsair. No wonder I missed you. The Granada looks fantastic.
  9. Absolutley brilliant. You coudn`t make it up could you.
  10. Call me an old cynic, but just as there is mention of Mr Smiths being saved, The building combusts into flames.
  11. I`ve just been passed at 2pm and there is an offical looking bod in High Vis just met up with a guy with a camera to take pictures.
  12. I remember one in 1977. I was at Warrington Tech on the 2nd or 3rd floor at the time. All the chairs and desks were shaking quite bad. Pretty scary at the time.
  13. Earlier this year my son came to buy his first car, Passed his test 2 years ago and been driving since but has had no insurance of his own. Anyway, the long and short of it was that when he applied for insurance on his own car, by adding my wife and I to the insurance it reduced the premium by around £400. Admittedly it was still expensive but when I had to ensure vehicles and wanted to add drivers the premium always went up not down. Ian
  14. Couldn`t agree more Gary. Good depth in the squad now. 2-1 win away at Ashton and 5-0 win at home against Colwyn Bay. Still going to be a difficult league to get out of this season though, but with those performances it instills confidence in our abilities. Ian
  15. Ha Ha, shows how observant I am. They`ve changed the 30mph stretch to 20mph (main route to motorway) and the sign 10 yards before the 50mph sign is the 20mph end, and changing to 30mph for 10 yards before it becomes 50mph. Ian
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