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Warning early eve Black Ice on Roads, Pavements


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Stating the blummin' obvious I know but went out walking with the dog at 3.30pm. Temperature has dropped and it's already starting to freeze.


BLACK ICE forming on mosty of the side ROADS and the edges of some of the busier roads and all PAVEMENTS..... also snow which hasn't yet melted is starting to freeze where it's been compacted


So be careful if you go out :shock::wink:

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GRIT ????


Good clear main roads today but bloody awful B roads and side roads (and of course pavements which I reaslise are not the councils responsibility)


YES I FELL FLAT ON MY BACK crossing one of the roads round here this afternoon.... well not exactly flat as my elbow hit the ground first OUCH :oops::lol::lol: Rather embarrasing :oops:


I did at least see Mr Gritter driving down the B5156 (Ellesmere Road) which makes a change but his sprinkler was not sprinkling as usual... not a bus route so tough :roll:


With temperature down to around -2 / -4 tonight and not expected to get above 0 tomorrow the roads will be deadly and its exptected to get down to -10 tomorrow night :shock:


So come on WBC time to show us all what you are made of and do yourselves proud.... send your little elves out looking for the danger spots and sort them before accidents happen rather than afterwards.


I have faith in you.. you CAN do it :wink::D

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Perhaps if they stopped supporting the Siemens business with all the stupid traffic lights they could afford to fill all the potholes which would stop them crumbling even more. They could even invest more into gritting!


Sorry - that's verging on rocket science for our council - if I could drop my IQ below 20 I might apply for a council post. :lol:

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Once the main roads are clear (as they have been for days) WHY don't they then start clearing and/or gritting pavements and dangerous side roads ?


The problem with just leaving them is that they simply get worse... it has now just snowed again so the compacted and frozen snow will now have a new layer on top.. which will compact and freeze. :roll:


The thicker it gets the longer it will take to thaw and the danger worsens.


Was anything learned from last year?


Had to grimace at the news whereby people were complaining that planes, trains, roads etc were once again grinding to a standstill and that the highways agency was failing in it's duty.


The government were also questioned about what AGAIN was going wrong and what they were doing about it .. the answer was that they were bringing in an AUDITOR to AUDIT the 'feasibility studies', 'recommendations' and 'contingency plans' which were drawn up after last years disruption ?!?!?


AUDIT ?? :shock::shock::evil:


Bloody hell..... more grit, more snow ploughs and more action.... simples :D

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I went to the Golden Square and the car park was competley full. I was just thinking I was going to have to come out when they decided to open up the barrier to the upper level.


Unbelievably the up ramp hadn't been cleared of snow and neither had any attempt be made to grit it. I was the second car up and only just about made it. Once up it was all a bit chaotic because nobody couldn see the parking bay lines. What a shambles!


Bill :)

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If you had damaged your car you could have sued them :wink::D


As for the parking bays... a 'plot' in the hope that people would park unwittingly outside the bays or touching the white lines, the snow would hopefully suddenly melt (with a sprinkling of salt by the lurking 'bluebottles'... followed by a whole floor of parking tickets and money coming in :lol::lol:

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Having just taken the dog out (well other half did)... just like Evils said....




Pavements and untreated roads are uneven and very slippy where the slush has frozen solid.


Even the roads that look clear are covered in areas of black ice.


Be careful everyone x

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I just went skating :lol::lol:


Went to put the rubbish in the bin... what was a completely safe,dry and unslippy back yard earler is now an ice rink.


The moisture from the fog has frozen in a unnoticable matt glaze on the floor. I recon I could have won a gold medal for that little show :shock::lol:


Joking aside though that means that the same will be happening on the roads again... not looking forward to having to go out early tomorrow morning :shock::cry:

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Now this is very strange indeed.....


Travelled through town at 8.15am and up Winwick Road no probs at all this morning. Roads were clear although foggy BUT apparently Great Sankey was at a complete standstill as it had 2 inches of snow. :?


Saw quite a few cars covered in it... very odd as not even a flake everywhere else.

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