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Over 52? Then you're probably grumpy


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Britons find being older than 52 is nothing to laugh about because that's the age when they start becoming grumpy, according to a survey on Friday.


The poll of 2,000 Britons found those over 50 laughed far less than their younger counterparts and complained far more.


While infants laughed up to 300 times a day, that figure had fallen to an average of six laughs by teenage years and only 2.5 daily chuckles for those over 60, the survey for cable TV channel Dave found.


Men were also found to be grumpier than women.


One reason for the decline in mirth might be the lack of joke-telling skills. The study found the average Briton only knows two jokes.


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Could it be that as we ALL get older, we see life and the world for what it really is?


I disagree with the statement anyway, because like with musical tastes, humour changes with each generation and what was known as humour 20/30 years ago, has now been banned by the spineless crybabies of modern times and PC.

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must agree with Peter I used to enjoy watching last of the summer wine, Soap, allo 'allo and til death us do part and could laugh out loud at most of them, now I've grown older (turned 70) I seem to have lost that type of sense of humour and now find that I am amused by simple things and slap stick situations, wouldn't do for us all to be the same though, would it.

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Could it be that as we ALL get older, we see life and the world for what it really is?.)



That is probably true at 50 or so. Perhaps when you become more ancient you see yourself for what you really are.


When you are young you see yourself as the near centre of the universe.


Older you perhaps become the centre of other peoples universe.


When an umpteenager - JUST OCCASIONALLY - you realise that you are not that important and are getting ready to become another genes re-united entry.


Despite all that, and it's being so cheerful that -------- - happy days

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Gosh makes me worried how bad my other half will be in 4 years as he's a right grump already :shock::lol: ...... at least I have 6 more years to go and of course I am never grumpy (honest) :wink:


Would be interesting to count how many times a day we actually do laugh as I'm sure it's not many :shock: ... might do that this week just to annoy my family members :lol::lol:

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well having achieved the magic grumpy age i will monitor my reaction over the next twelve months and let you know.


the thing is that these days anybody who voices the slightest negative thought is thought of as grumpy.


the old folk today don't know what grumpy is. when i were a lad we had proper grumpy old people. and they had proper role models like Ena Sharples and company. now there were grumpy people to look up to. :lol::lol:


what do we have today. those people that the grumpy oldsters of my day used to be grumpy about :roll:

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OK, I read all the posts carefully to ascertain what the two jokes are than old Brits think are funny!!! And no one took Mary's bait.


As if happens I saw two jokes today in a British film titled Battle of Britain - and perhaps they are the ones. The humour derives from the use of English words in a sentence that no one ever expects to hear in that particular order:


The Fuehrer is being reasonable! (Curt Jurgens as some Baron/Diplomat to a British diplomat.)


If ever one bomb is dropped on Berlin you can call me Meier! (Reichsfuehrer Hermann Goering)


I'm over 52 and I laughed.

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i have often asked myself what makes me laugh.


i think my taste in humour has changed quite a bit from when i was a mere stripling. i was brought up on a diet of comedy films by the likes of Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy,the Marx Brothers and the three stooges. as such it was slapstick that held my attention as it did and probably still does with a lot of todays youth.


these days watching those same movies i still laugh but it more from nostalgia than genuine humour (the marx brothers being one of the few exceptions)


jokes in my day were what is now considered either racist,sexist or both and are now deemed unacceptable. jokes today seem more aimed at bodily functions or lack thereof or contain such strong language that they would make a docker blush.


as i said earlier slapstick style comedy seems to be one thing that has remained as a constant laughter maker. you only have to look at how many home video howler programmes there are to realise that.


one thing i have noted over the years is my reaction to situation comedy. i find that today i find them rather predictable and rather than laugh at the humour presented i find i am anticipating the punchline with a cringe rather than a chuckle. this i attribute to having watched so many over the years and there are only so many situations that can be written into them.


oh well enough self analysis must go and find somewhere to hide for when the man with the white coats come after reading the above :?:?:twisted:

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A lot of truth in what you say Evils.


I used to howl laughing at Faulty Towers (or Flowery ?????) as I remember it :shock: How on earth they got away with that is beyind me :lol: Another good one was Some Mothers Do 'Av 'Em. Don't find them funny anymore but maybe that's cos of all the repeats. A more and modern one that still makes me chuckle is One Foot in the Grave with good old Victor Meldrew.


Must admit though I watched a prog on TV called '8 out of 10 Cats' last week and that was really funny... as is QI etc :lol::lol:


One thing I have noticed from reading this thread though is the number of rather old people posting on the forum :wink::lol::P

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Which is why I post on here.....


I'm watching, reading and learning from 'some' of you experts how to be grumpy, argumenative, sarcy and stubborn so at leasy when I get the 'age' I will be an expert in it all :lol::wink::P


I'm learning an awful lot from Gary 'watching' alone :lol:8)

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:lol::lol: No I just meant he's often 'allegidely' falls into the categories mentiond too and as he doesn't post very often I tend to notice and remember his posts more than others. :lol::wink::lol:


Wonder if he also posts under another name too though.... you could be him after all :shock:

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