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People used to feel safe with a moat running round their village................................................................ :shock::shock:

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At least we don't have the added cost of keeping him.

The media are once again having a field day.

Why does it matter whether taser guns were used or not?

The fact that the guy was off his head on steroids and had killed people is secondary to how the police acted.

What a strange and stupid world we live in. :roll:

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The Police were in a 'no win' situation.

If they had just used the village bobby they would have been slated and by using everything at their disposal they get slated.


If the nutter had gone on to shoot more people there would have been an enquiry, and by shooting himself there is an enquiry.



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Mary et al.

How can you say we drive the media?


How many of us get asked what we would like to see on the news or in the papers?


All I want to know is that there is an issue and a result. I don't need the story speculated on. I want reporting , NOT glamourising!!!!!! :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

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Totally agree.


When that chap from Cumbria went on his killing spree we had the full details of when he got up, what he had for breakfast, who his friends were, who his enemies were, who he went to school with etc etc every night for over 2 weeks. Then we went on to who lived in the same town, what they did for a living, how had it affected them, had they now started going to church ............... :roll::roll:

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From day one this was never going to end in him alive. I am more dissapointed about cheryl cole being unable to get to the V festival than I am about this guys demise, and I aint even going myself, or have any intention of watching or listening to the V festival.


I will thank him however for his consideration of the tax payers by opting to avoid prison.

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I've seen no tv, read no newspapers and had no internet until today. Life seemed so much more enjoyable and relaxed that way.


As for Moat it was inevitable that it would probably end that way but I do feel sorry for his kids and his parents.


Maybe for them it would have been easier if the police had shot him rather than him blowing his own head off... or maybe not :?

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Might be wrong but do you not remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law no matter what has been reported.


I don't think the media helped this case at all :!:


Yeah, your wrong.


Guilty until proven innocent. Always has been.

Innocent until proven guilty is just a figure of speech used in Agatha Christie plays (such as the one on at the pyramid Friday & Saturday tickets available at the door only ?4 for community theatre 7pm (surprise yourself or your partner with a different night out something to remember rather than another Friday watching telly).


If it was innocent until proven guilty there would be no such thing as remand pending hearings, no need to set such things as bail.

People wouldn't even have to turn up to court.


Its one of those lovely ideals, but really can you think of any case ever that has allowed a suspected murderer or other serious criminal to wander the street innocent until the court proves them guilty?


I think the media also helped a great deal, quite clearly the media held information at the polices request over the possible kidnapping, they allowed multiple appeals for him to give himself up to air, clearly the reports stating "the net is closing" which were constantly being played were psychological techniques that were done at the request of the police.... that's helping a lot.


what didn't help this case was a waste of skin running around with guns on a rampage killing innocent people. Had I been in charge that stand-off would have been about 4 seconds long and would have had a similar outcome thus saving many man hours of police work.

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