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I think the parents of this poor girl were being a very harsh in their criticism of the system that attempted to save their daughters life. By all accounts, the girl was absolutely living on borrowed time and even with the transplant the prognosis wasn?t good. They should count themselves lucky to be living in a country where such an operation is even an option.


Bill :)

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I agree Bill,just because someone used to be a smoker doesn't always mean their lungs useless.I used to be a very heavy smoker but give up 5 years ago.At my well man checkup 2 weeks ago i blew 600 on the lung function meter,higher than a fit young non smoker!!(& i'm only 60 minutes younger than Bill):lol:

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It's very sad that the transplant wasn't successfull and that the young girl sadly died from pneumonia. Whether that was a direct result of the lungs coming from a smoker and maybe not being strong enough to recover from pneumonia is questionable but even healthy lungs can be affected by viral/bacterical/fungal strains of pneumonia.


I can understand the parents outrage in a way though as not only have they lost their daughter but they will no doubt be thinking 'what if...' or 'maybe if we had...' or 'if only...' and 'why :cry: '


So sad :cry:

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