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Brett Hodgson True or False


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According to Sky it is a done deal, another short term shuffle?


Don't think anything likely to happen until after the cup game - as he would be cup tied and i am sure he would love a return to the final which ever club he plays with.

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From BBC website match report:


Huddersfield coach Nathan Brown on departing skipper Brett Hodgson:


"It is a gain for Warrington as they have him with them but, from our point of view, we have got him for the rest of the year and that will be great.


"As a coach, your job is to come up with the best replacement possible. Maybe he can educate a few of our full-backs along the way.


"Everyone knows what he has done for the club and what he is going to continue doing for us this year. Whether that replacement is someone within our club or outside, we will move forward."

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Oops,. that went on the wrong thread, sorry.


No it didn't just on the second page of comments - i think - now I am getting confused! :oops:


getting back on topic - hopefully all will be revealed from Warrington's side of the fence tomorrow!

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