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  1. Don’t know why he is buried alone, apart from the fact that he died in the first 3 weeks of the conflict, and the other 6 died in the last 7 days. Anyway, went to Fred’s Grave on Tuesday morning and left a single poppy. Soissons was definitely occupied in 1917, so I’m presuming the he was a POW.
  2. Went up to the French /Belgian border to a place called Noyelles sur Sambre where a relative of my wife is buried. He died on 8.11.18 and is in a communal graveyard with 6 others. Strangely, one man who died in 1914 is by himself, with the other 6 all togethe, they died between the 6th and 12th December.I will certainly be leaving a poppy on Fred’s Grave and it will be from all of us.
  3. Good evening everybody. Haven’t been on here for ages, but as I’m in France this week at a very momentous time, I thought I would bring this up again. I will be paying my respects to Fred once again on Tuesday, 13.11.18.
  4. Cheers. I'm not great with computers, or I would have done it myself. I find it strange that a Warrington lad should decide to viit a military grave that turns out to be that of another Warrington lad. If nothing else comes of this maybe a few more will take time to visit the grave if in the Soissons area.
  5. It says that he died of wounds, which could easily have been some time after the injuries happened. There was considerable action on the Aisne river throughout the conflict.
  6. Yes, I've mentioned that Tracey, intreresting isn't it. Gary, E mailed you last night. Dizzy, sent you a pm.
  7. Absolutely brilliant. I found some of this last night, but you've found a lot more than what I have. If you google his full name, you'll find it appears on something called 'Rootschat,' and that there's a photo of both Fred and his wife on there from the family.His family have visited the grave in the past few years. He is commemorated at on the family grave at Hill Cliffe Methodist Cemetery, but there is no mention of the cenotaph at Bridge Foot. Fred's wife did not re-marry and she did in 1940. What is still not clear is why he is buried in a communal cemetery in Soissons. The town was under German occupation for most of the war, and certainly was at the time of Fred's death. One source which may tell us a little more is Warrington Reference Library. They have a book (which runs to several volumes) which contain the Warrington Guardian obituaries of those who died in the great War. If Fred's obituary is in there, it may tell us a little more about him.
  8. Just spent a couple of minutes messing about on the Internet and have found out a fair bit about Fred. His family are aware of where he is. will give a full update tomorrow.
  9. It could. I'd love to know why he's the only one there. I first checked out the grave a couple of years ago, checked on the CWGC site and found he was a Warrington lad. I've been several times since. I've also got a couple of photographs taken with my I Phone.
  10. I spend a fair bit of time in Northern France, close to the City of Soissons and I've been meaning to do this for a while. Soissons Communal Cemetery is large and contains a single Commonwealth war grave from WW1. I've visited it several times since discovering it's a Warrington lad and wondered if it would be possible to trace his family. He was Gunner 114467 Frederick William Hitchmough, of the Royal Garrison Artillery. He died on 8.4.17 and was the son of William and Susan Hitchmough and the husband of Elizabeth Hitchmough, 65 Liverpool Rd, warrington. I was wondering if anyone knows any of the Hitchmough family who still live in Warrington. I have some photographs of the grave and would be prepared to visit it again and lay flowers if the family wanted it. To the best of my knowledge he is the only Englishman in the Cemetery.
  11. They wouldn't actually have lost. SL rules state that a majority of 11-3 is needed to change the status quo. Note also that London were in the vote, despite the fact that there is considerable doubt as to whether they will exist next year. Would you vote for a proposal put forward by an organisation that can't even produce a main sponsor for its premier competition. note also that none of the 6 has made a comment re the matter to the Press. All the shouting has come from Gary Hetherington, who, strangely enough was shouting his mouth off about the lack of direction from the RFL back in 2011, which is exactly one of the main sticking points now.
  12. That's a wonderful list of items you've got there. On no account should you get rid of them. I am sure that Warrington Museum would be delighted to receive and display them. There are exhibitions being planned all over the country during 2014 and there will almost certainly be something along that lines in Warrington. If you like, I will find out for you what is happening in the town. Strangely enough, on Friday I met a man whose grandfather I am studying. This man was an ex-Warrington RL player who also died in May, 1918 and is buried in the same cemetery as Mr Whitfield. I visited Bienvilliers MC in May, 2010 as part of my project on Warrington RL players who died in the Great War.
  13. Policing is supposed to be non-political, the election of Police Commissioners have instantly changed this. Many have been elected on a political ticket. Some people are also right in stating that a number of them have employed friends/cronies as their assistants/lackies etc. What really worries me is that they have the power to hire and fire Chief Constables. What qualifies them to do this?
  14. After that post I've come to the conclusion that she didn't do too much for your education.
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