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  1. Great performance and on the da that the club announced King had signed for another 4 years. Happy days.......
  2. Yes a match full of commitment and desire but lacking in creativity from either side to be honest. We had enough possession in their half to have won the game but in the end a draw was a fair result. I’m not a big fan of the “Golden Point” concept and would much rather the match end after 80 minutes like it used to.
  3. Now had the confirmation email from the club. Happy days...
  4. According to a number of news sources Powell is expected to be announced as our new coach for 2022 this afternoon. I for one will be delighted.
  5. Great performance from the team with everyone contributing. Left edge looked really potent with Widdop, Currie & KIng all looking very dangerous. Just need to get the right flank firing now and watch us go...........
  6. Very poor performance and never really at the races........ No idea what's happened to Austin - ever since his injury he just hasn't been the same player. Need to see a reaction in the next game..
  7. I doubt it as it would take the "shine off Hill" but hopefully IF they are going to appoint him there would be no reason not to have an early announcement......
  8. Yes Latch my thinking exactly. My first choice would have been Watson but with him out of the picture Powell would be my preferred option. Not only did he get Cas to the point of challenging for honours, he also had them playing attractive rugby. Hope he's announced soon........
  9. Thanks Gary. He gives the impression of being a very honest and decent guy. Hope he goes well this year!
  10. Gelling released a year early from his contract "by mutual consent"
  11. Thanks for the update Gary on the contract extensions. Any news on any signings??
  12. For me it's not a knee-jerk reaction. He just can't get the team playing as a cohesive unit and that has been the story now for a couple of seasons. Yes, we've had success with him, I don't dispute that, but with the resources available and our start studded playing roster we MUST be challenging far closer to the Grand Final rather than being knocked out on home turf against very average teams, who were then humbled in the following game. On our day we can beat any team, and have shown that on occasion, but not on a consistent basis and that's why I feel a new coaching set up mig
  13. I'd rate McDermott as an improvement on what we've currently got Latch.
  14. Confirmed he's gone to Huddersfield. No news on Price leaving yet so I assume he'll be staying and we'll have another year of underachievement.........
  15. I also fear we may be too late but no announcements have been made yet, and IF he's signed for Huddersfield as suggested, you'd assume they'd announce it straight away as it might help with any off season signings. We can alwas live in hope........
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