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  1. Thanks Gary. He gives the impression of being a very honest and decent guy. Hope he goes well this year!
  2. Gelling released a year early from his contract "by mutual consent"
  3. Thanks for the update Gary on the contract extensions. Any news on any signings??
  4. For me it's not a knee-jerk reaction. He just can't get the team playing as a cohesive unit and that has been the story now for a couple of seasons. Yes, we've had success with him, I don't dispute that, but with the resources available and our start studded playing roster we MUST be challenging far closer to the Grand Final rather than being knocked out on home turf against very average teams, who were then humbled in the following game. On our day we can beat any team, and have shown that on occasion, but not on a consistent basis and that's why I feel a new coaching set up mig
  5. I'd rate McDermott as an improvement on what we've currently got Latch.
  6. Confirmed he's gone to Huddersfield. No news on Price leaving yet so I assume he'll be staying and we'll have another year of underachievement.........
  7. I also fear we may be too late but no announcements have been made yet, and IF he's signed for Huddersfield as suggested, you'd assume they'd announce it straight away as it might help with any off season signings. We can alwas live in hope........
  8. I’ve never been one to call for someone to lose their job, but for me, with the playing roster we have at our disposal, we have totally underperformed this year. When big games come along, like Salford in the Cup semis and last night, we just don’t perform. I’ve no idea why that is, but for me something must be wrong somewhere. I’ve thought for a while now that the team play as a bunch of individuals rather than as a cohesive unit, and Widdop and Austin just haven’t gelled. I think the time is right for a new coaching regime to be brought in, and we need to do it quickly to all
  9. Couldn't agree more Latch, on both counts. I hope he's OK and back at work soon. I remember bumping into him in Manchester shortly after he'd left us and I went up to him and shook him by the hand (remember the good old days when you could do such things!) and thanked him for everything he'd done for the club during his tenure with us, and he was genuinely pleased by my actions and wished the club all the best for the following season. True gent!
  10. Not a great performance to be honest but a win's a win after all. The break has come at a good time to allow us to reset and hopefully get our misfiring attack back into top gear
  11. Totally agree. Far better than anticipated and I think in the end the coaches and players will be disappointed that they lost that game. We bombed at least one clear try scoring opportunity when Brand should have passed to the unmarked Sita for a stroll in in what would probably have put an end to the contest. The futures bright, the futures the Wire Pups!
  12. Yes I agree about Ratchford. He is very versitile but in my opinion full back is where he's best, but with Ashton coming through so well I can possibly see him becoming a ball playing second rower next season in the mould if Sinfield.... I think at centre and in the halves he just isn't effective enough
  13. Great result under the circumstances, with 9 regulars unavailable. Fantastic defensive effort by the boys and always played for the entire 40 minutes of each half as both our tries came right at the end of each. Shows great character and fitness. Yes I liked the look of Doro but also Robson - shame he's leaving at the end of the season - just hope we have a clause in his new contract that says we have first options on him moving forward....
  14. A fantastic display and victory under very difficult circumstances, and great credit has to go to the whole club for even playing the fixture. It's just a shame that the Sky Commentators couldn't shut up about how unlucky Hull were and that all the 50/50 calls were going our way!!! At least Phil Clarke had the good grace at the end to say we were the stand out team of the weekend along with Saints....
  15. Yes Latch the commentators never seem to give Warrington any credit and were keen to get BMM off the pitch permanently. I also fear he'll be hit with a 3 game ban unfortunately....
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