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Poll clerks?


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possibly more to do with WHO you know, rather than WHAT you know! :wink:
No it was to do with that flicking two fingered with one hand while holding the cash bent over in the other thing that cashiers are trained to do.. Have to say it was a skill I never picked up, seemed to be something the girls did better than blokes.


But hey, if you ask a question, get a genuine answer, then just make a sarky comment after it, then piss off.

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don't think any sarcasm was directed at you - possibly at WBC. :roll:
Your sarcasm was, as is so often the case, totally misplaced, even after having been given an answer (which may no longer be valid I admit) you decide that rather than being based on a skill of some sort as suggested, it's down to who you know. (for a once every five years one day job - jesus christ :roll: )


Obs, , why you are this way I don't know, but everything is down to some bias or other in your eyes. I guess life has given you a big kicking at some point eh?


Sorry I have only just seen this.

Fatshaft, get a grip, we don't use language like that on this Forum.

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oh wise up. I can't be the only one fed up of Obs continual rolling eyes smileys, and if 'piss off' is OTT, I despair.


:roll: :roll:


Me wise up :shock::roll: It wasn't me who refered to another poster as a Bitter t**t (without the **'s) or can't you remember what you typed :roll: : :lol:


There is a place and a time for language like that if of course you are 'that' way inclined and here is not the place.. kiddies and those who find such words offensive might be reading :roll::roll::D


P.O. :P:lol:

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I was talking to a gentleman who has acted as a presiding officer (glorified foreman) in a polling station, he informed me that for his day in a station he was paid over 200 pounds, plus 30 for attending a briefing beforehand and another 10 for travelling costs (he used to walk the 500 yards), nice work if you can get it...

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