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Govt spending


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I'm a dyed in the wool left wing loonie who would never vote Tory(spits) but even I found these stats unacceptable.


In 1997, the NHS had 12 hospital beds per manager; now it has four.


In local government under Brown, the number of people in councils earning more than ?50,000 a year has shot up by a factor of 11 from 3,300 to 38,000



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I'm a dyed in the wool left wing loonie who would never vote Tory




why not? would you rather vote for a party which has delivered the kind of statistics you put the link to or vote for a party that will change things?


Died in the wool left wing loonies are the reason Shaun Woodward (multi millionaire ex Tory with a butler and a few mansions) got voted in as a labour MP in St Helens.... so when you died in the wool left wing loonys bang on about the posh tories just remember him and his background because he is one of you now! :D


Or maybe you could vote Lib Dems.... we have a few local councillors who have MP asperations, one of them; the Brummy Jo Crotty has a flat of convenience in Bewsey I'm told..... so that must make her a "local!"

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Baz, That is WHY this country is in such a mess. People voting for the same incompetence because that is what their dad's did.

The laugh is that New Labour are probably more "conservative" than the Tories are, but the difference being that on gets us into debt and the other then has to get us out of debt.

Yet still people prefer the debt party. :shock:

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I made up my own mind about what's right and wrong at a very early age.


As my grand father once told me - "If you've never voted Labour you've never had a heart, if you've never voted Tory you haven't got a brain!"


Perhaps you have come of age Safeway and developed some brain power!

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Vote for the Tories a govt that that have absolutely no qualms about poisoning the population with BSE infected meat, whilst telling them it's safe to eat when knowing it's not.


Vote for New Lab (Tories under a New name) who will send all our sons off to die to protect the interests of American oil and pharmacutical companies, whilst the rest of the population live under threat of being blown apart by terrorists.


Vote for a Lib Dem Dictatorship, who have absolutely no idea what they are doing ....except that whatever cockeyed schemes they may eventually come up with they intend to force them upon us.


Not a lot of choice is there?

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Based on the spin that's coming from the main parties, they havn't got a clue what or where they are going, the knee jerk policy initiatives are coming thick and fast: the latest being, yet more fiddling with the education system, to put Mom and Dad in charge of little Jonny's school, and if little Jonny isn't doing too well (cos he may just be too thick), Mom and Dad can sack the Head Teacher, and take over the school. Bit like the half baked workers co-operative idea: throw a bag of money at the parents and let them fight over it! :roll:

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