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Number 1 song the day you were born

Guest tonymailman

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What a good web link :D


Well I actually know the words to the song that was number one on the actual day/month/year that I was born :shock: Not sure if that is a good or bad thing :lol:


And having checkef the list I also know and can sing along with another 24 of the number ones on my birthday (day/month) for subsequent years too COOL... I'm still 'with it' :lol::shock:

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Mine was I Want To Hold Your Hand by the Beatles. The number ones of 3 of my first 4 birthdays were all Beatles, with Tom Jones - "Green Grass Of Home" on my third birthday


Some others of note: On my 8th birthday was Ernie by Benny Hill, the following year was Chuck Berry - "My Ding-A-Ling" and Renee & Renato - "Save Your Love" was nymber one on my 19th birthday!! The best; my 34th birthday number one was Teletubbies - "Teletubbies Say 'Eh-Oh'"


Such a musical medly that I must upload to my ipod for future listening!!

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Afraid the list doesn't go anywhere far enough back for me!

Can't image why anyone would want to know anyway because decent popular music had (with a handful of notable exceptions) died long before 1945,

But doesn't anyone recall the early days of "charts" which were based on the sales of sheet music, not records, and which were broadcast weekly by the BBC on a Saturday night?

I always thought they were a better selection, presumably because the people buying the music at least knew something about music.

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Good point about sheet music. I saw an old 1940s MGM film with Judy Garland and Van Johnson as sheet music salespeople who played and sang demonstrations for the customers. Sheet music was 10 cents I think. It might have been For Me and My Gal, and it might have been for 1900-1910 era.


I love browsing through old sheet music bins from before my birth. Stuff like "So Long Oolong, How long you gonna be gone"


I don't know song, but the news when I was born was about the King and the Duchess -- oh, she wasn't a duchess then she was an American divorcee.

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