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film buff quiz?

Evil Sid

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somebody wanted a quiz so one for all the film buffs to get your little grey cells working, or google if you are stuck :wink:


50?s and 60?s film quiz



1. In which film does Alec Guinness?s character plan and carry out a theft of gold bullion? (The film also starred Stanley Holloway, Sid James and Audrey Hepburn).

2. A night to remember (1958) was about which disaster?

3. Which Ealing film of 1955 sees a gang of criminals defeated by their little old landlady?

4. Which Hitchcock film has James Stewarts character confined to his room from which he spies on one of his neighbours?

5. Which post world war III film starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardener and Anthony Perkins, is based on a novel by Neville Chute?

6. Which 1956 film, starring Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr was a remake of Anna and the king of Siam?

7. Which 1957 British film, starring Aistair sim and Joyce Grenfell, sees a group of unruly schoolgirls going off on a UNESCO prize trip to Rome?

8. Gregory Peck Starred in which film of 1956 based on a Herman Melville novel?

9. Who wrote the music for west side story?

10. Which was the first James Bond film?

11. In which black comedy film did Peter Sellers play an RAF officer, a mad scientist and a US president?

12. Who were the two main stars of midnight cowboy?

13. The sentinel, a short story by Arthur C Clarke, was the basis for which film?

14. What was the title of the 1962 epic about the D-Day landings?

15. The good the bad and the ugly is a typical example of which type of film sub-genre?

16. Which 1956 film is based on a novel by Boris Patternak?


will keep and eye on this and post answers either next monday or when all have been answered correctly whichever comes first.


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as promised the answers.


1. The lavender hill mob

2. The sinking of the titanic

3. The lady killers

4. Rear window

5. On the beach

6. The king and I

7. Blue murder at St Trinians

8. Moby Dick

9. Leonard Bernstein

10. Doctor No

11. Dr Strangelove

12. Dustin Hoffman and John Voight

13. 2001 a space odyssey

14. The longest day

15. The spaghetti western

16. Doctor Zhivago

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