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Driving out of town South West towards Daresbury a 30 m.p.h speed limit becomes 40 m.ph where the dual carriageway starts by the Jahad Indian restaurant (formerly the Ship Inn). Just beyond the Walton traffic lights the road is derestricted and speed limit becomes 70 for some 200 metres of dual carriageway to just beyond the 'toast rack' canal bridge and thereafter 60 m.p.h along the drag to just before the new lights (replacing the roundabout) at the Expressway junction where 40 m.p.h again applies. When travelling the opposite way towards Warrington the 40 limit applies from West of the Expressway lights and there is no deristriction sign on the East side of the lights which means the 40 m.p.h limit applies all the way to the Jahad Indian restaurant and then 30 m.p.h into town. Has anyone ever come across this type of highway speed restriction elsewhere - for some 1.5 miles one side of the road has 60 and 70 speed limits and the other side has a 40 limit ??

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:?:? The mystery deepens - it appears that a couple of weeks ago (or maybe longer) a new 50 m.p.h limit sign appeared on a metal post east of Daresbury/Expressway lights on side of carriageway for traffic travelling Daresbury towards town. This effectively imposed a 50 limit down to the Walton lights and then 40 to end of dual carriageway by Jahad Indian. So the limit was 50 for a mile and a half while 60/70 on the opposite side of highway, as previously explained :lol: then the 50 sign was removed (I understand this ludicrous situation had some airing at local parish council meetings earlier this month). My own thoughts are that somewhere along the line there has been a complete lack of contact between the Halton and Warrington Councils' highways departments - the boundary between the two is only some 200 metres west of where the 50 sign was/derestriction sign should be ! Then again Warrington highways left temporary 20 m.p.h signs in place at Walton until some 3 months after erected for last August bank holiday weeked Creamfields rave.
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I was doing 40 in the 40 zone on Sunday on the short stretch from St John's Church (Walton Arms lights) towards the Jahad. I got hooted at and two fingers stuck up at me by one driver as he pulled out, overtook me and sped off. Another two cars flew past me too at speed. To make it worse only one of them hit their brakes at the 30 zone near the Walton Road corner :shock:


Thought at first I was in the wrong but there were definately 40mph signs up.... so don't know why my driving was annoying others as they must have seen the signs too :roll:


Always thought that stretch was a 40 mph so people could drive past the 'dancer' safely 8):wink::P

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