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Cyber crime?


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Here's a link to last weeks BBC Click program.




Software used to control thousands of home computers has been acquired online by the BBC as part of an investigation into global cyber crime.


The technology programme Click has demonstrated just how at risk PCs are of being taken over by hackers.


Almost 22,000 computers made up Click's network of hijacked machines, which has now been disabled.


The BBC has now warned users that their PCs are infected, and advised them on how to make their systems more secure.


Concerted attack


Click managed to acquire its own low-value botnet - the name given to a network of hijacked computers - after visiting chatrooms on the internet.


The programme did not access any personal information on the infected PCs.


If this exercise had been done with criminal intent it would be breaking the law.


But our purpose was to demonstrate botnets' collective power when in the hands of criminals.


Click ordered its PCs to send out spam to two specific test e-mail addresses set up by the programme.



Cyber gangs use botnets to support crimes such as fraud and theft


Within hours, the inboxes started to fill up with thousands of junk messages.


But a botnet can also be used to launch a concerted attack on commercial websites to take them out of action


For more see the above link


and to answer


Are the forces of law and order capable of keeping up with the hackers?


NO - the authorities will always will be behind the cyber criminals especially those in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.


It's truely global and more than likely as not they are already on your machine especially if you haven't taken some of the basic precautions. :evil:

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Maybe something the government and other bodies who hold our more sensitive information should think about doing too :shock:


Apparently they change their computers rather regularly (as do local councils, schools, doctors surgeries etc etc). These computers are then wiped clean and sold at auction.


Problem is that they are NOT really wiped clean at all and a clever bit of software, which is relitively inexpensive, can then easily RETRIEVE all sorts of information from the PC's. :roll:


You'd be suprised what is retrieved from auctioned PC's and servers :shock:

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