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New Years Honours


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Noticed a journalist from Howley received an MBE for his 'services to the Campaign for Real Ale and the brewing industry'. :shock::?


How odd... :shock:


Next year I may enter my other half and his mates for their continued commitment to ensure that small local drinking establishments have to restock their lager, real ale's and bitters on a regular basis :lol:


Not knocking the chap who got the MBE by the way as I'm sure there was probably a lot more to it that was reported but it did make me smile :lol::wink:

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A point well made Eagle. Interesting to know how many people actually know who the three Knights are. :wink:


Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Matt Busby


Sir Bobby Charlton




Hardly comparable with the three great examples Eagle gave and just shows how debased Knighthoods have become over the years....the Queen even gave one to a Soviet spy and traitor (Anthony Blunt for those who can't recall his name) :wink::)

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It always puzzles me why people get honoured for doing the job they get paid for.

If it was up to me honours should be handed out to those who go beyond the call of duty helping others in their own free time, or helping save the lives of others when at the same time endangering their own life.

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