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Land next to the CO-OP Knutsford Road


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Not quite right...


It was the home of Grapenhall Motors (car repairs, MOT's etc) who sold up and relocated.........the car sales place was next door.


It was sold and 'was' going to be a Tesco like Paul says but not sure why it hasn't happened yet. Not sure if the plans were submitted or if they were refused but there is already is a large 'late shop' nearby which sells most things :wink:

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Point of clarification.

The Tesco's one (work seems to have started on it.) is on the junction of East View/Bradshaw Lane, adjacent to where the Dog and Dart used to be.

The one Tony is on about is where the old dairies used to be, and as has been said, latterly owned and used by Polar Ford as a car lot.

Opposite the weir and next to the Co-op. (Town end)

By the way, there are now THREE Co-ops on Knutsford Rd. :wink:

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Greed on behalf of the Developers, and a lack of grey matter when it goes to planning. OR is it the Governments fault for not advising the councils of global warming and higher water levels?


As I said earlier (somewhere), the ground floors are a lot higher than normal, so perhaps that is how they get round the legislation.

Although how that stops the sewers getting flooded and the services getting cut off, I don't know. :?

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