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Indy's Archaeological Integrity .....


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:o As most readers of this forum know I often get comments and jibes made that I am not an archeologist etc and many are based on the results of one archaeological tv programme.


Well as promised and to counter these claims I have decided to now post on here a testimonial written about my valuable work and contribution to the understanding of archaeology in the Warburton area. It is written by the eminent and much respected archaeologist Tim Strickland MBE who is an acknowledged authority on the history and archaeology of Roman Britain; His testimonial is below;



:o I have known James for a number of years, and have been closely involved with his archaeological work in the Warburton area and also his film-work. On both accounts I have been most impressed.

Through perseverance and hard work, sustained over many years, he has done much to identify and interpret the archaeology of Warburton and its district. This has involved him in developing, designing and producing some excellent and stimulating film-coverage and other presentational material, in a manner that has been of great interest to both the ACADEMIC fraternity and to the general public.


For the last ten years, I have been responsible, as Heritage Consultant to Middlewich Town council, for the development and implementation of a series of projects designed to 'exploit' the local Heritage for the good of the community and to stimulate regeneration. On several occasions, this has meant that James Balme and I have had to work closely together on a number of initiatives. James's input was for the provision of film-coverage and for the production of films demonstrating and recording key stages of the project. These have included two Roman Festivals, a Norman Festival, and filming of general project-development.


In all these things, James has been hard-working, dependable and efficient ...and, of great importance, has produced for Middlewich some excellent films of great interest to the general public.


I have no hesitation in recommending him and his work to you.


Tim Strickland MBE.

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Academically qualified or not there is no arguing that Indy is totally dedicated to his art and without his endeavours a lot of Warringtons history would still be buried deep in the ground.


Please remember that having a piece of paper saying you are qualified does not always guarantee you know what you are talking about.



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James' website still says that there is an important roman settlement in warrington. Didnt' time Team prove that this isn't true?


I like to think that people are interested in archaeology for good reasons - declaring a site top be in existence where there isn't one (as recently proved - despite your letter of support - you can't argue with what's in the ground James)is NOT a good thing, enthusiastically or not.

And not only that, it's stupid, like the emperors new clothes.

James still craves the publicity, and that's why his website raves about time team, but fails to say what they actually found (diddly squat).


If you're going to claim to be an archaeologst, the first thing you learn is that artefacts aren't personalised by the finder

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Frances - Time Team spent three days on the site - James has spent 10 years on it.

Just because they found nothing in three trenches does not prove anything - other than they found nothing where they were looking.

From the number of finds over the past 10 years in the area and the lay out of the land, I believe there is still a good chance James will be able to prove beyond all doubt that there was once an ancient Roman settlemt here.

There is a fortlet at nearby Glazebrook/Rixton so there is every chance there will be one in Warburton.

Keep digging James! :D

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Forum members know that this subject is now closed but I will respond to this question posed by Francis;


:confused: Frances thanks for your comments but you are only going off a three day television programme that investigated just one small field. My research and investigations cover in excess of fifteen other productive fields surrounding the one investigated by Time Team.


The silver snake bracelet that was shown in the programme came from another area of my site and not the area investigated by Time Team and they were told this before filming took place.They even shot a scene where I showed Tony the exact location of the bracelet but this was cut from the final version?? I wonder why....


Since the programme finished I have been contacted by two experts who are respected academics on Roman Britain who took part in the programme on camera who have both told me I am right and that there is DEFINITELY a Roman settlement ( possibly military ) very close to the fied dug. The university & Local archaeological group are also of the opinion it is there.


There is an ancient settlement at Warburton. Time Team did not feature all the Neolithic,Bronze-Age and Iron-Age material that I have recovered.

Phil Harding examined all the flint implements and the Bronze Age axe and was impressed.


So Frances this is why my website has not been changed because the fact remains that a Roman settlement did exist close-by. More recently I have recovered more Roman brooches and silver coinage.

I have been offered support at anytime I need it by the above mentioned academics who have asked to be able to see and examine all further artefacts and coinage as it is starting to build up a greater picture of life in Warburton some 2000 years ago.

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Frances, I am not here to argue with you, I dont even know you.

You have not read my reply properley. Did you not see the part I wrote about the academic experts who actaually agree with me, the university believe and so do others.


One final comment on all of this Frances;


When I have finally provided the evidence required to prove that Warburton was home to a Roman settlement then you will hear about it!


Until then I will continue my research and work in the village.

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It may be that the finds, which cover a certain period, could be as a result of the area being a well known 'trading post' or bartering point throughout the periods of the finds ........ i.e it was a regular area where a market was held. Finds like you get James are not unusually uncommon (yes you have the silver but it was NOT part of a hoard, just a single item that could easily have been lost on route) because the vast majority are 'accidental losses' of people passing through an area .... many swords have been found in the 'middle of nowhere' with nothing else to substantiate their being there.

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You are right Tony mailman, as ever.

Archaeologists should not be convinced that they are right - it's a science you know, and blind belief skews the evidence, which is all I am arguing for really - be real and don't hyper inflate it either - it didn't stand up to rigorous analysis

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Tony, many thanks for that. It is always good to have as many theories and suggestions as possible.

As Francis Pryor said to me on site and during a radio interview and I quote him; 8)


' If we know more than 5% about the ancient history of Britain then we are doing rather well, there is so much we still don't know and we are constantly discovering and learning more all the time'.


So I will continue my work in Warburton and try to piece together exactly what was happening there. It has taken ten years to get this far and there are many more years of work to do.


Unfortunately there is no quick fix in answering all the questions at the moment.


When more solid evidence and information is brought to light it will be reported to the portable antiquities scheme and archaeologists alike.

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:) Frances I do know and understand where you are coming from but you have not had access to the ten years work already done at the site.


This has included two major excavations both Led by Manchester University and various other projects around the village.

If you could get hold of the university report on the year 2000 excavations your opinion may be changed regarding this site.

A full professional documentary was made of this excavation fronted by a well known TV presenter from Granada TV and is still available. I was involved with both excavations so have an indepth understanding of Warburton and its landscape etc.


Your opinion is appreciated but if you had all relevant archaeological reports you would see this in a different light.

It was based on the strength of University archaeological reports that Time Team came to Warburton. They did three months background work before they arrived. In their opinion they too felt something needed investigating.


Best wishes.

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Eagle, don't start again its getting boring !!! Feel perfectly free NOT to make any further contribution to this thread.


JayC, Don't worry I will keep going and prove them all wrong and when I do it will fall very silent on here !!! that's for sure.


[ 17.04.2007, 21:14: Message edited by: indiana James ]

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What the hell do you mean "its getting boring"?

You introduced boredom to the forum with your manic,pathetic self promotion; it is a wonder your ego hasn't burst. I have never doubted that you are good at what you do but I am sick and tired of your repeated reminders.

Fortunately you have the moderators in your fan club which keeps criticism down to a minimum.


[ 18.04.2007, 08:07: Message edited by: Gary ]

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