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Labour set to stop oil.

Observer II

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Seems Starmer, flipping and flopping through any policies that seem to gel with popular opinion,  is promising to "just stop oil" in line with his latest political donor.    At a time of sever energy reductions leading to increasing consumer prices,  this amounts to steering the Titanic into the iceberg.     😠

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it makes interesting reading about what percentage of a barrel of crude oil goes to make what.

a 42 gallon drum will produce around 45 gallons of refined products.

42-45% goes to make gasoline or petrol = 19 gallons

27-29% goes to make diesel = 12 gallons

6% goes to make jet fuel =2.5 gallons

5% goes to make fuel for shipping = 2.25 gallons

4% goes to make asphalt = 1.8 gallons

3% goes to make light fuel used in heating = 1.3 gallons

2% goes to make hydrocarbons, propane and such = 0.9 gallons

10% goes to make all sorts of petrochemical products like car tyres etc = 4.6 gallons

this does depend on what website you take your information from as quantities and percentages vary a bit from suppliers to denouncers.

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Any modern industrialised society relies on cheap energy;  the idea that we can switch to green energy is a total myth.  Germany has fallen for this green nonsense by closing down it's nuclear power stations, and giving up on coal, and finally (thanks to the Yanks) cutting their oil and gas supply. What was the number one industrialised State in Europe is collapsing;   and Starmer wants to follow them into the new green poverty agenda.   😠

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2 hours ago, Confused52 said:

It is possible he doesn't really think that but does think he needs green leaning votes at the next election. Don't confuse Starmer with a conviction politician.

I.ve never thought that Starmer had any convictions, other than his own career progression, he'll do and say anything to get on.  He made lots of promises to win the Labour Leadership election, all of which he's now flip flopped on.  At a time when we needed Leadership, he's perhaps the least qualified for that role, but there are few, if any that are imo.   I suppose the lesser of evils will be our choice, so we can eliminate Starmer and Davy, who both don't know what a woman is.   :rolleyes:

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Well it seems Labour have been doing the sums and worked out, that their flagship "green" policies will be unaffordable, aside from the current economic suicide of net zero, facing the West.   They've probably realised also, that Mr Average just doesn't want the sacrifices involved in the green agenda either.    :rolleyes:

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