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  1. Surely our food standards haven't slipped since we left the club. Our standards have been good enough for the last 40+ years.
  2. The best way to create empty shelves is for the news channels to make a story out of it & cause panic. The fuel shortage soon disappeared when the news dropped the story.
  3. Perhaps these disruptive demos are really a proxy protest against China but the protesters know they wouldn't get away with anywhere outside Britain.
  4. At least by the time all these containers get moving we'll be able to buy a lot of late Xmas presents at January sale prices.
  5. The Eu don't seem to be having problems on their eastern borders with encouraging states to implement hard borders to stop immigration. Apparently ,much of the road traffic between Eire & the EU will soon be going by ferry to Dunkirk. Should be interesting when the Atlantic storms set in.
  6. I see we now have a Liverpool style puppet travelling from Syria to the UK as a torch bearer for migrants. I wouldn't be surprised if this puppet has also been made in France.
  7. Some of these wokistas must lie awake for hours wondering what BS to inflict on the population in the hope of appearing important & knowledgeable.
  8. It is about time some sort of replanting of crops was put in place in some of these poorer countries & irrigation systems put in to enable them to be self sufficient .We could use the water from the rising sea levels to provide that once it has been desalinated. Perhaps then there would not be a need for so much migration.
  9. It seems now that the Taliban are on a charm offensive ,wooing the US representatives in Doha. It really is an affront to the thousands of lives lost since the dawn of 9/11 & the 20 year campaign in Afghanistan that followed. I wonder how many tons of opium & lithium are involved ? Hopefully, the ultimate outcome is a culture dragged into the 21st century which can turn its back on religious confrontation & help to stabilise the region.
  10. It is amazing really ,& a matter of scale, that millions have been spent & many lives lost in many wars against terror & the encroachment of alien ideologies worldwide ,yet by the very nature of its size & monopoly of manufacturing & trade our condemnation of China will be no different to a flea bite to its government. China will carry on with impunity .
  11. Knock it off the divorce bill.
  12. Perhaps the need for trade with China & the hungry grasp of greasy palms has over ridden issues of safety & morality.
  13. Disgraceful obstruction of the truth especially by the people who are so called monitoring our well being.
  14. Apparently the Polish economy is booming so there is no need for workers to look for more lucrative work abroad. I would not be surprised if an emergency forces domestic transport regiment is formed.
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