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StarTrekk Beamed Away


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There’s going to be a lot of unhappy Star-Trekkers out there today because after almost a two-year covid delay, the next season of Star-Trek Discovery was due beam to our display units on Netflix tomorrow but now it’s been cancelled.  And it gets worse Jim because this isn’t just another delay, it’s gone where no program has gone before and moved to a new completely subscription channel run by the money grabbing Ferengi based Paramount Empire. And to add insult to injury, all the previous episodes will be transported to that sector as well.

So, I suppose the message to all Trekkies is “Live long and payup!”


Bill 😊

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I like a bit of sci-fi escapism, but I wouldn’t pay to watch it on telly. And yes, there seems to be so many new companies appearing on the streaming scene all eager to get a slice of the action and of our money. The crazy thing is though most of the content you’re paying for is available on other streaming services or been shown on terrestrial TV so there’s massive duplication all over the place.

My son subscribes to multiple services just to watch a few series that he’s following, and I think these companies rely on people like him that seem to have more money than sense.


Bill 😊

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Having only the freeview channels in my bedroom makes for some interesting viewing choices at times.

weekends on some of the channels seems to be back to back episodes of murder she wrote or columbo (i didn't know they had made that many columbo films)

If you prefer more home grown detectives there is always Poirot or midsumer murders (soon be nobody left the way they keep bumping people off)

downstairs i have the virgin box and currently have the super duper al included package with all the channels including sky sports and films.(only got sky sports for the rugby and so far have not watched one film on it)

then there is the internet channles and the catchup tv channels and youtube and you have more viewing content than you could shake a stick at.

to pay extra for channels just because they have one program the others do not have though seems to be the norm these days.

I was thinking about my viewing habits recently on a normal weekday i watch about six hours tv  weekends usually less than two hour per day.(mostly repair shows and quiz shows)

there has been occasios when i have not watched any tv for the best part of a week.

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