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Hair cut and beer


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Brilliant. I've just been to the barbers to see if I could make an appointment for a hair cut and the place was empty so managed to get a cut there and then.

Then seeing as the pub was directly over the road and there was only one bloke sitting having a beer I decided to have an afternoon pint.

Bloomin lovely.


Bill :) 

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I suppose it was Davy, I certainly didn’t set out expecting that, but it worked out great. I’d almost forgotten what a pint of real ale tasted like. I might have even had a second pint but only took enough dosh out with me to cover a possible haircut.

It brought back memories of a barber shop I came across in a tiny place in the back of beyond that I stopped at one time while touring in the mid-west states. The deal was $6 for a haircut including a beer while you wait. I thought that was also one of those opportunist moments that I could take advantage of but unfortunately, it was a bit early in the morning for beer drinking and to cap it off, I left my bloomin jumper in the place. I revisited the place a couple of years later and wondered if they’d kept my jumper but sadly the place had changed into an ice-cream parlour. $6 for and ice cream and a ?? No, not this time, just an ice-cream.


Bill 😊

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can't remember the last time i had a haircut. Has to be either early 90's or late 80'S.

used to go to beyond the fringe for my annual "shearing" which usually consisted of tidying up the ends and a wash and brush up. my hair was just over shoulder length in those days.

It is just off the shoulder now, off the shoulder and drifting gently down to the floor in single strands......🙆‍♂️.....😭

The last time i had a beer was probably march 2020  or may have been february. It was whenever the last domino match was played i know that.

still if things pan-out with this easing lark then i could be up for a pint or tow next month whilst bowling......🍻

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Yep, I can't actually remember when I last had a pint Sid. I know that when it was a case that you needed to order a meal to get a beer I gave up. Yesterdays was indeed just an opportunity because I have to park in the pub car park to visit the barbers shop and as the place was almost empty I though I'd give it a go. I don't normally drink during the day and as the place gets busier early evenings, it'll probably be a while before I'm in there again.

Just as well the barmaid remembered what beer I liked because I couldn't 🙂

As for the hair, I'm just glad now to not look like a cross between Boris and Freddy Boswell. :)


Bill :)

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