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I guess it's been a tough year for most, and no doubt all we want is an end to it.   Unfortunately,  impatience and disregard of scientific advice, will merely prolong the agony.   We've had a year of lock down then release, followed by more lock downs as a result;  international and national travel has continued, ensuring the global spread of the pandemic; anarchist idiots have undermined the safety of us all in the name of freedom; and now we face the prospect of continuing threat from a mutating virus.    Against all scientific advice we have some politicians wanting to send the kids back to school despite a sharp rise in the rate of infections.  So I guess the prospect of "a happy" new year may be remote;  so I'll wish you all a "safe" new year.   😷

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It’s certainly been a year that we’d all like to forget but look on the bright side, the vaccinations are starting, and the summer months aren’t too far away. As bad as it is now, I’m sure that we’ll recover from this much quicker than most think and come out the other side even more hopeful that should anything like this ever happen again, that we’d have learnt lessons and be more prepared the next time.


Bill :)

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