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1917 -

Observer II

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Watched this much hailed film on Netflix; can't say I was impressed though. Apart from a sprinkling of diversity,  I was wondering why a vital message had to be sent across no-mans land to a neighbouring unit, which would have been behind the same lines,  thus making the safest route directly along the British trench line ?     :rolleyes:

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But would have made for a boring film no doubt.

Better viewing when the "hero" has to dodge bullets,bombs and other bits of mayhem to tell his mates the brew is ready rather than wandering along a trench and shouting "tea up"....🤭

Never seen the film personally. is that the one that was touted as "filmed in one take" ?

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52 minutes ago, Observer II said:

Sorry Latch,  can't get my head round all these new tech titles - just checked - it's TPP.   :unsure:

It can get confusing.. I pay around £85 a month but out of the hundreds of channels and films I watch a very few of them.

But what the heck,sod all else to do these days and at around £21 a week is relatively cheap,my seat at the HJ is £ 32 for an 80 min game, and how much would you spend on a night in the pub ?



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I think the vast majority of films being made within the last decade, are basically rubbish. Whether it's lack of money or imagination, you can compare re-makes against originals, to see the difference EG:  THE 300 Spartans;   the original with Egan (?) and Richardson, was a straight forward retelling, with a slight additional love interest; the remake, had absurdly dressed Immortals, with a grotesque representation of the Persian King; and they wonder why kids today don't know their history.     :unsure:

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15 hours ago, Latchford Locks said:

and how much would you spend on a night in the pub ?

when i was bowling or playing domino's (the game not the pizza) i on average spent about £10.00 a week. two or maybe three bitter shandies, depending on how hot it was at the time. and a pound in for the raffle, £10.00 back if i won the raffle and if at domino's sarnies or other food laid on at half time. on the plus side of the bowling out in the fresh air getting plenty of exercise.

8 hours ago, asperity said:

have to ask, how are Immortals normally dressed? Just out of curiosity you understand

In the last film i watched they were dressed as ancient chinese or possibly japanese types wielding big katanas ,lopping limbs off left right and centre and leaping about across roofs, tress, twenty foot gaps and flying through the air whilst fighting the bad guys.

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I watched that USS whatever it was called about the US warship that was sunk by the Japs after delivering "the bomb" to whichever base it was being flown in from. Load of rubbish that was with 10 actors representing hundreds & a shark that made Jaws look menacing. Luckily,i didn't pay to view.

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7 hours ago, Evil Sid said:

found these pictures when i was sorting through my files the other day. from my wifes uncle who served on the RMS Laconiaand was transferred to another ship in 1939

laconia menu1937sma.jpg

laconia menu1924 sma.jpg

Blimey some folk knew how to live !!!

Looking at the date I guess 90% of the country were on breadline wages or less and oblivious of this world and it's lifestyle

Land Fit For Heroes what a farce :-(



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