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Self Isolation


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I've had to cut my own hair, which passed some time.   Keep looking through all the TV channels for something interesting to watch, then watching the same films over and over again, to avoid the doom and gloom on the news.  Weekly shop tomorrow, making sure I keep 2 metres clear of everyone of course.   Just hope you haven't taken the last loaf Bill !    😉

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i did my fortnightly aldi shop today.

Queues from the front of the store to the back down all aisles. Six tills going flat out as well...🤣

Plenty of veg and milk no pasta, and very little mince.

it wasn't that busy during the Christmas rush.

was quite funny really watching people on their phones calling mates to tell them was was in stock.

One thing that did irk me somewhat was the inconsiderate ones who were picking up items from a shelf staring at them for a few seconds before putting them back and selecting another. An ideal way to spread a virus i would have thought...🤬

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Watching the number of "dog" walkers this week it reminded me of that advert for Pain relief.

"We need to get out and exercise once a day"

It is surprising the number of people who, prior to the lockdown, you could not get out of the house even if it was on fire, but who now suddenly seem to want to go walkabout.

How many gym memberships will be cancelled when this is all over as people realise that they can get the same exercise at home for free...🤔

And on a more serious note I have not had one single phone call from "Dave" at microsoft technical services for over a week. I do hope he is ok...🤭

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Here's another picture this time from one of my staff, who lives on his own, showing how he's dealing with self isolation.


The picture taken yesterday got him into quite a bit of trouble when he posted it on Facebook.


Bill :) 

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