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Spread of the posh "o"


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I've always been fascinated in accents and how they change. For example the rising inflection at the "end of a sentence"  that has caught on from Aussie soaps, the replacement in inner London of Cockney by the annoying Ali G type accent and recently the starting of a reply with "so.....".

However there seems to be a change in Warrington. In the 90s I reckon our accent went a bit more towards Manc, especially with the yoof, fanks….thanks mainly the the Gallagher brothers and Kevin and Perry.

More recently I noticed that this posh pronunciation of the "o" in words like home, ghost, foam etc. So that they are pronounced haywme, gaywst and faywme, seems to be spreading north. It used to be mostly found in the Cheshire set, the Wirral, Chester, Ellesmere Port and the like. It has slowly spread to Lymm, Stockton Heath and south of the MSC but can now be freely heard around town even in Orford, Bewsey and Longford. A step back IMO. Anyone else noticed.

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9 hours ago, Davy51 said:

I haven't heard any posh abuse being hurled at the ref at the HJ so far.

So they are all still bank employees then..🤔..🤭

The adding of the letter H to beginning of certain words always puzzled me. eg Hwaht and Hyou. this was usually associated with the "Chinless" horsey brigade.

As a lad I could tell where somebody was from, within a few miles, as soon as they spoke their first word. (depending on where they came from even down to the nearest street)

These days it is easier to tell what year they were born by their spoken words.

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Breaking news, the "upspeak" mentioned above has been replaced by something called "vocal fry". This is where the end of a sentence drops in pitch so low and drawn out that they are almost croaked out. Some great examples on line. It seems to have been stated by the Cardashians and their followers.

Totally awesooooome.

lets hope it NEVER catches on heeeeere.

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