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Poor Harry -

Observer II

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It don't work like that obs.

A politician or film star can stop doing what they do and disappear from the lime light.

Not so royalty.

No matter how tenuous the link to the throne is they are still royalty and thus a target for anybody looking to make a sensation in the world press.

The closer to the throne the more of a target they are.

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I liked Harry but he seems to be badly influenced just recently.

I can understand him blaming the press for his mothers' death (although if she had worn a safety belt and not refused security she probably would still be alive) Di courted the press when it suited her then seemed to object when they took an interest, just like Harry and his wife are doing now.

I fail to understand why after all these years he is choosing to sue the News of the World and the Sun or how is able to, surely the time limit to sue has expired?


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