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Latchford Locks

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I'm looking for some advice regarding my home system.

A Paragon Plus that was in the house when I bought it in 1996.

And never had a problem(touch woodūüĆ≥)

There again I never use it,it's just on standby permanently.

It's not faulty but it suddenly entered my head that it may one day go wrong and if for example it went off for no reason during the night and I couldn't turn it off(me catastrophising as usual¬†ūüė≤) where would I turn what would I do?

So I decided to get some advice but on googing around all I get is web sites trying to sell systems.

I'm sure everyone has alarms but what do they do???

Any comments would be gratefully received

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Thanks for that.

But I still have all the paperwork manuals etc. Left by previous owner.

It is more a firm or shop where I could talk to somebody and decide my next move.

Either complete de-commisioning or a routine maintenance programme .

Preferably I would like to just remove the thing as I don't know what it costs me to run in electricity usage.

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The police don't give any advice of that sort, I know because I asked them when I was looking for a reputable alarm company. They don't want any sort of blame attaching to them if something goes wrong with the system.

The insurance company you get your home insurance from may help.

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17 hours ago, gazandmalc said:

switch the electricity off supplying the panel usually on an unswitched spur.

open the panel and disconnect the battery.

the onboard battery in the bell box should be dead after all the years of not being used.

Thanks for that. I will give it a go.. 

Strange how the police don't want to help>>> crime prevention and public support seems to have gone out the window along with most other services we once just took for granted.

My parents always use to say, "if ever you need help or advice just ask a policeman" another era sadly 

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On 12/30/2018 at 4:22 PM, Latchford Locks said:

There is a saying.

 If it ain't broke .......

Maybe you have a good point.

There is an alarm Co on Bridge St that has been around for years, been in the shop once. 

I have an alarm that is really old too, goes off for 10 min, stops for a while then goes off again. I removed all the fuses from the control box,  which silenced the alarm but the panel is still lit up and the power on light is still on. 

But like Bill said I can not imagine it uses much power. 

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If the alarm is usable then get some advice on who to use it as an alarm system is an important part of the protection of your property, Webb Alarms service ours and as part of their service they will talk you through how to operate it. Google for their web site the contact number is on there.

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