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TV sound?


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Having watched War & Peace, and Happy Valley; I was concerned there may have been a problem with my TV sound; I also noticed that many actors appeared to mumble their dialogue.  Thought perhaps I needed a hearing test; until I noticed a news report that thousands of folk had tweeted similar complaints about the same progs. Has anyone else had similar probs?  :unsure:

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I think it is all in the name of realism Obs....do you remember Jamaica Inn a couple of years ago the sound was diabolical. One of my pet hates is the realism portrayed in these programmes that dictate that music ,usually from a transistor, is played in the background which drowns out most of the dialogue.I think it may help though to switch from stereo to mono in situations like you mention. War & Peace & Happy Valley are excellent examples of the quality of drama this country can produce by way of our own tv companies.

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We been watching the Happy Valley series and neither of us have noticed any strangeness in the sound quality compared to everything else we watch.  We record it via cable tv and watch at a time that's more convenient but I'd imagine we are still hearing the same sound recording as everyone else though.  

Maybe it depends on how good your TV is though as ours is only a tesco own make £200 one, perhaps it's more noticeable on more expensive sets with better sound and/or surround sound etc.

Have a great holiday Bill by the way and I'll miss you even if nobody else does  :lol: 


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Can't say that i noticed but then again not programs that i watch.


Do now my tv has several presets one of which is dialogue but not a great deal of difference between that and the other modes apart from the dynamc one which makes the sound volume alter with almost every sentence spoken. unless it is just me not used to it.

Only had this set a few weeks and not really sussed out all the whistles and bells on it. Supposed to be a smart tv but it couldn't remember my post code despite it being input three times during initial tuning. When i get some spare time will try to go through the electronic manual if i can figure out how to access it from all the button presses i need to go through just to change channel.


Bill have a good one mate and don't worry about the pitbulls two weeks without a burglar will not see them go hungry. 8)


Oh dizz if you do miss Bill try adjusting the sights for windage. :mrgreen:

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Is your tv in dementia mode instead of dynamic Syd ?

no idea but then it isn't connected to tinternet so maybe it's just me pressing the wrong buttons on the remote or not using the correct apps.


Soon be getting to the point that there will be more advert than show at that rate stallard.(maybe that point has been passed already seem to be able to make a coffee and cook two rounds of toast during adverts these days)

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