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Electric and Gas Prices

Steve the Original

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just had a look at my bills and got the following.


gas 4.57p per kWh


electric 13.9p per kWh


standing charge per quarter for both £43.08


diesel here is about £1.20 or so per litre.


so apart from the diesel pretty much the same for the gas and electric including the standing charge. the diesel was about 90p per litre about ten or so years back.

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Sid thank you, that quite a bit considering... thankfully here there are loads of Companies who want you to join them hence the lowish Prices...
A lot of the Local companies do have higher prices but i change every year to the one who is the cheapest and who gives me the best price..more competition equals lower prices.. 

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Latest bill (just arrived) for period 9 Oct 2014 to 14 Jan 2015

GAS  4.57p per kWh
Standing charge 24.770p per day

ELEC 13.96p per kWh
Standing charge 24.770p per day

less Dual Fuel discount of £3.84

plus 5% Vat

and this quarter we got a £12 Government Electricity Rebate off the elec ... but no idea why

Total to pay = £351.47 OUCH !!!

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 For the quarter I'd have saved £11 on elec and £42 on Gas   (not taking into account dual fuel savings etc).  I'm typing it here for future reference and as a reminder to myself :lol:

Thats a couple of hundred quid in your back pocket each year Dizzy :D

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A tip when using the comparison sites is when it asks do you want comparisons only on deals they can get you today say no and go for ALL comparisons.  They are paid commission by the energy suppliers and will only show you the ones they get most money for selling if you let them.

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