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New World (Gas Cookers?)


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Did anyone work at, or have relatives working at, New World (gas cookers??) between 1952 and 1966 (ish).
I came across some old works magazines today that again had belonged to my late mums uncle and they are full of photo's of workers doing their jobs and also their works outings and family fun type days, cricket updates................ all sorts really. 

It was over near Latchford Locks. I always thought it was on the Latchford side but some of the magazines refer to the Grappenhall Works too.

No point in me uploading anything from them if they are not of interest to anyone
The A5 magazines are as follows
No. 2,  Volume 2, July 1950
No 5, Volume 3, July 1952
No cover but probably 1953 as it has coronation photos in it including staff parties etc
No cover but has an advert for Halifax v Warrington rugby match on Sat 8 May 1954
Summer Edition 1964
Winter 1966
No cover and no idea of date without reading it all to get some clues... maybe tomorrow
Here is the cover of one and the centre page spread complete with rusty staples that fell apart into tiny splinters as took it off my scanner. 

And one which Harry might like showing the Warrington Police 'Coronation Squad'.... are you on that Harry ? :wink:


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Love the mag photos any chance of a few more ?  


I worked in the press shop at Richmonds but a few years later  (just).


I'll scan and upload some more a little later Latchy.  Anything specific you are interested in ie outings, work force, sports events, works news etc ?


Showing my complete ignorance of the company here... was 'New World' called Richmonds or is that a different company amd where was it ?

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Much better thanks.  The middle row give me problems cos they are the senior me and nearly all before my time.


The back row appears to be Vince Charleston (late, groundsman at the police club();Reggie Morris; Tom Inman;Geoff Dooley??  JIM Wells;  Bob Miller - for many years the scourge of Bewsey.  everyone new Bobbie Miller and bobby Carey who followed him. Cyril Lamerick. Ron Attew.


The front row is Fed Harman(almost sure); Helen Purdie; a special constable (or could be an Inspector  Mott?);  sgt unknown;Joe Wells of the Lowden Wells family;  Bob Hibbert?'(of Crosfield opera group).  and then Det. CONSTABLE Dick Brewer - everyone thought he was superintendent.  A real old style detective who used to ride round town on massive bikes,


All wonderful people to serve with.


Happy days

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Ok so you really got me with the 'middle row' comment Harry and I actually zoomed right in and double checked twice  :lol:  :lol:


Great that you can put names and other info to the faces on such an old photo :)


Re your other comment earlier about the police museum possibly being interested in the photo Harry do you know anyone there ?  It would seem a shame to give them the original of that one magazine and split it from the others as there is so much more in it that is not relevant to the police force.


Just call me soft but my mums uncle obviously kept them for a reason as did she and I've not even undone the knots he tied them up with on his old tattered bit of string that was holding them together in his little old brown case. Ooh gulp just got a bit teary for a second there as I remember lovely little old Uncle Joe and of course my mum. :( 


More than happy to let the police museum borrow it though and I'm sure they could scan or copy it way better than I can.


Is that really bad of me ?  Maybe  :oops:   

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:lol:  :lol: I make loads of mistakes and it never seems to work for me Harry  :lol:  


Do you think they will think I'm daft though ringing just to say I've simply got a photo of a group of police officers in a somewhat dog eared A5 copy of a Richmond works 1953 mag which says nothing more than the picture Harry. 


Having seen their website and the sort of fascinating stuff they have in their archives and museum they might lock me up in a pair of ancient handcuffs for charge me for wasting police time :lol:

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