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  1. To be honest I don't really take much notice of results from surveys like this Geoff. The survey people say at the top of the page you linked too that " We’ve looked at stress-inducing factors across the country – including finances, commute time, job opportunities and crime rates – to calculate the most and least stressed towns and cities in the UK " Have they simply looked at those factors as it suggests and made their own assumptions how those factor figures might affect people or have they actually ASKED peoples views? For example for Warrington it says 'commute time' is 47 mins per day. I presume they mean that's the average? But who did they ask? My commute time is less than 10 minutes one way, my other half's is about 20 mins each way (so yes he falls into the Mr Average category), but my sons commute can be anywhere between 30 minutes and over 5 hours one way. Looking at some of my neighbours their commute time can be hours too... .....not to mention other people I know who suffer from stress and depression of varying levels....I'd just like to add that is NOT because they know me...well I don't think it is anyway
  2. Are you sure it was next to the Packet House and not on the other side of the road Latchy? I remember a big furniture shop being opposite that sold all sorts of furniture and household goods, carpets too I think. I'm my mind it was the co-op house furnishing shop but maybe I've got the co-op bit wrong. I remember going in it with my mum just for a look around quite a lot when I was young although she never bought anything. It was there for years though as years later I went with my other half's mum too.
  3. Hard ones to answer Obs but yes I'm sure they have all been told NO many times in their lives but these are heartbreaking cases and I'm sure in their shoes I'd probably be demanding the same. I think it's the lads mum who is demanding that police continue to search the landfill site. Any parent would surely never give up and want to get to the truth and also find where their child's body was so that they could at least be laid to rest properly Wouldn't you ? As for the parents of baby Charlie Gard when offered a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that doctors abroad could do something to help him can you really blame them for the actions they have taken? I would do anything and everything in my power if he was my child as I'm sure most parents would in their position....wouldn't you if he was your child ?
  4. Blimey, all these years and I never knew Dr Who had two hearts...and I always though he was from planet earth too I clearly have a lot to learn.... I don't see anything wrong with that and she clearly has many years of experience behind her...although at 72 maybe she should be putting her feet up and enjoying retirement. How much will she be paid ?
  5. OMG every time I see or even hear mention of a Dalek now I will fall about laughing
  6. Geoff, I asked the question under the news story (that you had also commented under) asking if you knew how much it would cost to replace. With you not replying maybe you didn't see my reply and question hence me posting it again here. The WG reported that it will cost £200k to replace.....really?.... but as I said in my comment under news on here I suspect they [the WG] may have got that wrong as you could build a lovely new brick built family home for that much. Maybe they put an extra ‘0’ by mistake and meant £20k. Any idea ? I realise that people are donating/fund raising for money to replace it but it would help to know just how much is needed. Perhaps local businesses could help too, I'm sure some of the bigger DIY stores and builders merchants etc might donate some of the wood & other materials needed and there must be a lot of people in the town with woodworking or building skills who would probably give some of their own time to help rebuild it. It would be very community spirited and bring people together too if it was all hands on deck
  7. Well said Baz
  8. One that is often in the forefront of my mind and really bugs me is ......Where does the universe end? It surely has to end somewhere and can't go on to infinity (an beyond as Buzz Lightyear said)...as surely everything has to end somewhere. But if it does end somewhere then even if there's nothing on the other side of that 'point'..nothingness is still something. Gawd..... I really don't like this topic as now I'm pondering over all your comments too and they will drive me even more mad
  9. AARGH !!!!!!!!!
  10. Seemingly Daleks shouting 'Exfoliate' and 'Domesticate' this week on morning TV hasn't gone down well with some either who promptly complained that it was offensive and sexist. Gawd...what complete and utter saddos....they need to lighten up and get a sense of humour !!
  11. Yep and according to the same chap I keep mentioning I talked to...WBC apparently have meetings every week as standard with Peel Holdings.
  12. All routes will open up the land for development around Arpley Meadows etc Evils. I asked one of the chaps at the info exhibition on Saturday specifically that and he said YES to all....and that the new housing developments would all be linked into whatever new route is chosen. He also said that without the new bridge (any option) then no housing could probably be built.
  13. That in a way is good to know as if you (who is not a council employee or part of the bid submission team) has already been given a copy then there is nothing to stop any of us being given a copy either if we now ask. If they say NO to us we can say 'Well Gary S was given one...' Keyboard Warriors ?!?!? Oh my goodness ...... I guess we all now know what you think of us especially when we dare to air our own views and say something that perhaps you don't agree with Gary You'd best get that tin hat ready........... PS what's this 50th anniversary you mention ?
  14. These sorts of surveys are a load of nonsense and a complete waste of time......