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  1. Hi i need help tracing the parents of John Hankinson Dob 09/09/1763 He was married to Alice Marsh 04/01/1791 in Warrington Cheshire. The reason im asking is two people doing the tree have johns parents has different people, Hoping someone can help :cry:
  2. sorry i remembered she would of been 10 in 1940 lol so at a rough guess she was about 20 lol, x anyway you know me by now so you have to either add a few or take some away or make up a name or place lol x
  3. thanks i can rule out a few by the date it would of had to of been around 1950ish x
  4. I live in hope that someone connect with me that has photos, with all your help i have a past now but sadley no faces so to find photos would be a dream come true, the one im after was of my mum stood next to a motor bike, she had a long coat on to below the knee, it was in black and white. she gave it one of my brothers and he lost it, it must of been a studio shot which is why im asking x
  5. Crikey more than i thought lol, who was likely to do family photo shots and if so do you think by anychance old photos will be around somewhere on the net.
  6. Hi does anyone know of a photographer around 1940 probably located within a small distance around warrington centre, Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks x
  7. sounds good to me lol ok Dizzy where do we start lol what do you actually get from that site, im desperate for any photos of my lot, even the 3 people ive managed to find havnt sent me a picture yet lol im doomed to have a past with no faces, I was excited with the free weekend ward records on ancestry i got of my grandads records but was dissapointed when there was no photo, surley there must be one somewhere xx
  8. nope moved to newcastle and dosnt have a computer or internet lol yes these people do live amongst us lol, i know these are right though because he said over the phone other day, yes he has a mobile and yes connection is bad and we sound like were stuttering lol xx
  9. sorry yes has far has i can see all info i have matches, Im still waiting for my next package of info of my brother lol Dont you just love the Royal mail x
  10. Thanks Algy i have added info to extra documents that im keeping to do with the family around that area. im still searching for possible workers list so at least this has give me a heads up in that direction, thanks xx
  11. Ok i am reading this but before i ask a question im going to read it again lol This side will be finshed when ive sorted charles and bertha out,
  12. sylvia131


    I have told a facebook group (in a pm) about this site and how you have helped me find my family, they have said its ok to give this forum has a link, Is that ok. Its called Warrington Family tree & Genealogy pages. It has 705 members.
  13. sylvia131


    Hi could some one plz help with the children from Charles Bate D.O.B 1879 Death 1947 Married a Bertha Miller D.O.B. 1878 They married in 1899 at St Pauls Church Warrington. Im just learning how to work the sites like BMD but when i put in surnames to find children loads have come up could someone plz check for me has im sure these cant be all there children, Thanks x
  14. you might very well need a crate of the old amber nectre lol ive just managed to get 2 lots of war records free on ancestry, all war records and images free for easter weekend I have a weel holiday now from work so get ready lol xx
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