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20th anniversary Warrington bombing


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Nor can I.


My Mother, who has since left us, was on a bus which terminated at the roundabout near to Mersey 



She walked into town, followed by my cousin, who caught a cab!


My Mother complained that the 'bingo' (can't remember the name) almost held them hostage!  At least they were fed :wink: 

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Time flies but for all those who remember that awful day it seems like only yesterday and I for one can remember exactly what I was doing that day. 


I had been into town to get my mum a mothers day present but couldn't find anything that she would like.  I remember walking out of Woolworths and I was heading for the shops on Bridge Street but suddenly changed my mind and went back to my car and headed out of town to go and get her some garden plants from a garden centre.  To this day I have no idea why I suddenly did that but I'm so glad I did as I'd have probably been on Bridge Street when they went off.  For once I was so very glad that my mum was so hard to buy for.


I saw some of the coverage of today's service on the BBC news and it was very moving indeed especially when they released the white doves.


You were on the TV coverage a couple of times by the way Gary if you haven't seen it.    


RIP Jonathan Ball, Tim Parry and Bronwen Vickers :(

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I was at Fordton baths with my son that afternoon and realised something had happened when we were trying to get across Winwick Road and found it was choc a bloc with traffic trying to get away from town. It was only when we eventually got home we found out the horrifying news.

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I heard loads of similar stories Dizz, people who would've been on Bridge St but suddenly decided to go a different route instead. Me and my boyfriend at the time were in his car planning on going into town then to Westbrook. At the traffic lights he turned right towards Westbrook rather than left to town, cursed his absent mindedness but we decided to carry on anyway. It was only when we tried to get into town later that we realised something was wrong. Pre mobiles and 24hr rolling news it took hours to find out what had happened and to check that family and friends were unhurt, I seem to remember the phone system was overwhelmed and went down. 


I also remember the flowers carpeting Bridge St, wish I was there this weekend to lay some more. 

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It was a terrible day for those in town that day and for those that new their friends and relatives were there, we new our daughter, granddaughter and son in law were shopping in the town centre and had no word from them until they were allowed out about 4pm. I would say ithey were the most worrying hours of our life to date.

The IRA robbed those two little lads of their lives as well as injuring many more that day.

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