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Talking of spiritual figures saw this in The Guardian yesterday.

"Gandhi was a great spiritual leader, frail through fasting, with toughened feet through walking barefoot, and with bad breath because of his vegetarian diet.

He was a super calloused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis. "

um did a liddle hum diddle aye

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Article in today's "I" newspaper re Pope Frankie and the Falklands



Last year in a mass to mark the 30th anniversary of the invasion he said


"We come to pray for those who have fallen, sons of the country who went out to defend their mother country, to reclaim that which is theirs and was usurped from them"


Three years before that he told Argentine families who were going to the Falklands to visit the military cemetery.



"Go and kiss this land which is ours , and seems to us far away"  



However he is apparently no friend of President Kirchner - and was a critic of her husband's time in office , criticising Nestor Kirchner of "exhibitionism and noisy announcements" - bit ironic for a man whose job involves addressing large crowds through a PA system while wearing a dress    

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