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Warrington bypass

Evil Sid

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Well once again calls are being made for a bypass to warrington to help ease traffic congestion.


David Mowatt has put forward the arply link as one possible way to ease traffic at bridge foot. I assume this is the one that everybody thought was going to be done when they built the business park and bridge near to Bevan island.. Surely a better proposal would be to make it from Sankey way and thus cut out the whole of wilson patten street and parker street.


So will it improve the traffic situation or just move it to a different location.


It does seem though as if David Mowatt has at least taken onboard some of the concerns about the toll bridges and Port Warrington.

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A better link would be from Walton Drag/Chester Rd to Liverpool Rd. Maybe use the tip when it closes.


As the crow flies it wouldn't be a great distance either ,but the town also needs a by pass that would carry on at least up to say the new Geminii M62 junction.One of the worst problems is caused by traffic having to come from Cromwell Ave directly onto Winwick Rd.The A49 into town is a no go area at times especially if there are problems on the motorways.

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If the council were to buy out the toll at the Warburton toll bridge or simply build a new road which bypasses the small stone bridge by the toll barrier - which is what the toll is actually levied on, NOT the big steel bridge over the Ship Canal - then that would provide an extra free flowing high level crossing over the ship canal, which could then easily be linked up to Birchwood and J11 of the M62.


It would also be a relatively simple matter from an engineering point of view to bring the Latchford high level railway bridge over the ship canal back into use as a road bridge - either as a two way single carriageway, or even give it the capability to be a two lane, one-way road with tidal flow control (into town in the morning, out in the evening). The southern end could be linked to the A50 somewhere east of the Springbrook lights. The northern end could follow the old railway line round the back of Latchford to Bevan Island and the new(ish) bridge there, then onto the existing Arpley Chord plans through the business park to Bank Quay. It could also branch north from the end of the bridge to get to Kingsway Bridge, or even straight up to the A57 and the Woolston employment areas.


With the plans to increase traffic on the Ship Canal then it's HIGH LEVEL routes which are going to be needed, and we have two of them already built sitting around either un-used or under used.

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