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Booze price hike?


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Often wondered (even though I am tee-total) why the percentage of alcohol in a bottle of wine has steadily increased over the last 20 years or so.

Some wines are now only slightly lower than the fortified wines like Port or Sherry.


So wouldn't it be sensible to lower the amount of alcohol and keep the price the same. :unsure:

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I agree - partly Asp: but the majority ain't got the money. However, IF they taxed the few who have, they could reduce taxes of the majority; thus allowing them to spend it and get the economy back on the road. However, in this case, I don't think they're actually "taxing" booze, just fixing the price it can be sold at, thus boosting the profits of the S/markets - which they may tax in turn of course! The EU may intervene, as it may be contrued as an "anti-competative" move. :unsure: The question is: will more expensive booze, stop addicted drinkers or stop youngsters getting legless in Town Centres at the week-end? :unsure:

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Actually 2/3 of the people who earn enough to be liable for the 50% tax rate have already left the country ( same thing has happened in France). There is a thing called the Laffer curve, which I'm sure I've mentioned before, which shows at what point raising the rate of taxation ceases to become profitable. And 50% is too high so your fantasy of soaking the rich aint going to work simply because they have enough money to afford to move to a more friendly tax country. This leaves the rest of us having to fork out more to finance our politicians' fantasies. This idea of raising the price of booze is just another knee jerk reaction to a problem that doesn't really exist. We have laws in this country against people getting drunk and causing problems, but they aren't used effectively. In Poland, for example, someone found intoxicated in the street and picked up by the police is put in a drunk tank and not released until they are sober. They are then charged for any costs incurred for returning them home. This is obviously too simple for us sophisticated Brits :roll:

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The question is: will more expensive booze, stop addicted drinkers or stop youngsters getting legless in Town Centres at the week-end? :unsure:


Simple answer... 'NO'


Many youngsters and others go out for one reason only and that is to get 'bladdered'.. cost does not seem to matter :roll:


There was a chap on the news tonight who was a recovering alchoholic and he said people will pay the extra, especially those who are 'addicted'.


It did say that the price increase wont affect pubs though as they already charge higher that the set unit price so will mainly affect supermarkets and their special offers etc.


OK so what about all the pubs and bars in Warrington with mega cheap drinks to entice people in. Some even charge an entrance price so drinks prices can be even lower... will they be stopped too ????


Whatever way the increase on minimum price will surely only benefit the government who will be quids in with increased revenue from the booze taxes as everyone just puts up with it :rolleyes:

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