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Immigrants found in coffin lorry


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Published: 12:43am, 31st October 2012

Updated: 1:54pm, 31st October 2012


Border Force officers got a Halloween surprise when they discovered three would-be illegal immigrants trying to enter Britain in a lorry full of coffins.


The trio had hidden themselves among the dozens of boxed coffins which were loaded into the van from Bulgaria - across the border from Dracula's Transylvania home.


Search officers sometimes use heartbeat detectors to investigate suspicious vehicles but it was a sniffer dog, Mitzy, that located the three, who were Eritrean nationals.

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Asperity, I heard they needed more coffins than they could make in the uk for all the sick they are putting on the Liverpool Care Path.

The Liverpool Care Path, what a lark that is! Voluntary euthanasia is illegal yet the hospitals are being allowed to hurry the end of terminally ill patients by not treating them or feeding them, in most cases, it seems, without consultation with the patient's relatives. What is that if not euthanasia that takes a little longer to complete?

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